Enjoying picnic, return to festival

Being invited to an organization’s picnic is always great fun, not to mention no cooking for that night, but it is even more exciting to be called to the front and presented a plaque for the publicity given to the club throughout the year.

This happened when Lamont, our grandson Matthew and I went to the Adena Lions Club picnic held at Bedway Park, with a baseball field that our young baseball fan and player thought topped the fields in his Columbus area.

After traveling down a long column of tables laden with all of my favorite kinds of foods and having a square of a dessert that I will call a peach streudel for lack of another word, other than “luscious,” Lloyd Hutchison called a meeting to order, made a few announcements and called me to the front, where a Lions Club podium was set up, including the gavel. Those Lions do everything by the book.

Darrin Young then joined us and held something behind his back while telling me how much he appreciated the work I had done in spreading the news of their club during his year as president, which just came to an end this summer.

He brought out a plaque telling his story all over again in print. What made the day even better was that Matthew got to see that I do something other than tattle on family members in my column all the time.

Actually it has been my pleasure to attend their events – the club does so much for the Adena and Harrisville communities. They participate in all events that take place, such as putting a float in the Memorial Day parade, putting up flags for the patriotic holidays and taking part in the Adena Heritage Festival.

They have a Christmas cantata each year, and their annual minstrel show goes from thought- provoking, to tearful, to patriotic to hilarious. I don’t know how they find all their talent to put on a completely different show each year, but they do it with class.

Some of the members dressed in black tights and frilly skirts for a dance scene this year, and Dustin Kinsey told me he will probably never live down the picture I took of him. Actually, I liked their outfits. It suited their personalities.

We sat by John and Judee Parkinson at the picnic, a wonderful couple I have known since the days of the Sunny Hill Livestock 4-H Club, when Judee was one of the advisers. Larry was a member of the club at that time, along with his friend, Bob Omaits.

The Parkinsons are my “go-to” people if I need to know something about Adena.

We talked with Martin and June McKim, who sat across from us. June is another lady I have known for ages. We were in different woman’s clubs at the same time back in the 1970s.

There was a water balloon toss that Matthew and Lamont took part in. I didn’t get involved as I was shooting the pictures. They didn’t make it to the last couple standing, though, and Matthew got soaked when his balloon burst at face level.

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Lamont and I questioned what we should do on Labor Day and came to the conclusion to return to the Great Trail Festival in Malvern just as visitors not looking for pictures to snap and people to interview.

We took a little jaunt back to the French colony, located beneath the trees in back of the trail lake, as I had a picture of the boys that I call the Apple Dumpling Gang.

I was talking to Chrystal Orndorff, the mother who helped me get some boys together for a picture, when a young man I had photographed and then misidentified, approached. I won’t say it was with fire in his eyes, as he was wearing a big grin, but he pointed out the error of my ways but even in another picture of him.

I said that Orndorff of Akron, Jeff Semko of Streetsboro and Jason Cargould of Hudson were English. Big mistake – they depict the French. And why I didn’t realize that when the festival is about the Indians and the French when they were at war, but I thought their hats were tricorns, and I thought only the British wore these.

Besides, they were getting ready to fire a cannon, and I knew to stay away.

Orndorff tells me he took much heat about being called a Brit throughout the day. And then who should come along but little ole me to take some of the heat as well. Everyone but Kevin thought it was hilarious, even his wife.

So this week I am eating crow rather than croissants. But now the men do not have to write me a nasty letter about my mistake. Sorry for my big boo-boo. And Rich Wasnak has his picture in the column this week.

(McCoy, a resident of Smithfield, is a staff columnist and food editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times. She can be contacted at emccoy@heraldstaronline.com.)