Smithfield pastoral anniversary

There is no song to sing for 20 years of faithful service at the same church, but Carol Ann Garcia and Judie Phillippi, deaconesses, did the next best thing.

They planned a dinner that included all the churches in Smithfield and the sister Presbyterian Church in Piney Fork for Wilford Simeral, pastor of the Smithfield Christian Church since Aug. 6, 1993.

The social room was filled with members of the Smithfield United Methodist, Smithfield and Piney Fork Presbyterian, Smithfield Friends and Mount Moriah Baptist churches, along with the St. Paul AME Church members who have a home at the Christian Church after their service is over.

Clara and Howard McClure and their daughters and granddaughters prepared and served a sumptuous lunch that was almost like a September Thanksgiving. They had a salad bar with any kind of veggie you could imagine, shredded cheese and many types of salad dressings and many types of cream pies.

Shelly Puch made 50 cabbage rolls that were rolled and tucked expertly and very tasty. The filling in my cabbage rolls is lucky to get scantily covered with cabbage as I can never tuck it in neatly.

Carol Ann Garcia got a beautiful, autumn-color sheet cake in the extra large size from Tina Smith, a name we will use for lack of knowing her married name. But she does make a wonderful cake from her shop in Martins Ferry.

Lamont and I sat with the Garcia family, and 13-month-old Sammy was eating the way he always eats at home. From his high chair tray, he was busy casting food he had no taste for or too much of onto the floor. This is what he did at home, but the family dog was always there to gobble it up. So daddy, Butch, had to do cleanup duty. Michelle Garcia-Miller was part of the family circle and was in the back washing dishes when we left for another engagement.

It was nice to see Sis Dowdell again. We would run into each other at Lunches with Love when it was still in Smithfield but no longer exists.

Jada Dalton reminded me to spell her name right as it seems that I added an extra letter to it once before. I made it Jayda instead. Isn’t there a movie star by that name?

Ed Waldman tried to get me into a conversation in the Czechoslovakian language, but I seem to fail badly. He thinks I am very forgetful, but I did remember something that he told me to put in the Alumni Newsletter -that being that Stanley Folda, Smithfield Class of 1947, died in August. All right, Ed, I did forget the date in August. But give me credit for remembering most of it.

The Rev. John Oliver of the Mount Moriah Baptist Church and the Rev. Phil Bliss of the Smithfield Friends Church were present with some of their congregation to wish our pastor well.

Betty Hasley of Smithfield, one of 2013 Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times newspaper Community Stars, was present. The weekend was busy for her as she had the Glenn Kithcart funeral dinner the day prior to Simeral’s event. Look for her in the news on Oct. 8.

Ron and Brenda Vandeborne made quick plans to come to our church service and the following dinner after reading it in my Sunday column. They were once members when living in Smithfield.

(McCoy, a resident of Smithfield is food editor and a staff columnist for the Herald-Star and the Weirton Daily Times. She can be contacted at