Thanks and share a story with me

Welcome to December 2013, which means the end of another year is in sight.

And with that comes that inevitable time of reflection about what kind of a year it’s been.

That being the case, I’m hoping to hear from some of you readers who would be willing to share some little story about something really good that happened to you, something that really distinguished this year for you, something that on New Year’s Eve will make you look back, stop and think, and say to yourself, “Wow, now that was special!”

If you’d like to submit a little story to that effect – and feel free to include a photo that would be reflective of that if possible – by all means send me an e-mail at or fax to (740) 284-7355 and include a daytime telephone number should clarifications or further information be in order.

Or you can drop it in the mail to my attention at 401 Herald Square, Steubenville, OH 43952.

The deadline is Monday, Dec. 16.

My hope is that the feature story on this page on Sunday, Dec. 29 would include some of these vignettes and that we can bid a fond farewell to 2013 while greeting with enthusiasm the arrival of 2014.


In the post-Thanksgiving thank-you department, by the way, I have to express some gratitude in this space for all the cards and e-mails that came my way since I wrote the column about having to put our dog Lucy of 13 years down (“Kiaski family will always love Lucy,” Sunday, Oct. 27.)

It’s obvious there are a lot of dog/pet people out there in Readersville, and I’m honored and touched that so many of you took the time to send a card or an e-mail to express your condolences and share your own dog tales. Some of you I know, others I don’t, but all of you I appreciate.

The water in Lucy’s bowl, incidentally, has since evaporated, but I still haven’t been able to put it away. Ditto for her dog dish, which still had some Kibbles ‘n Bits left in it.

When I came home from work the other day, I happened to glance down at it, discovering that Better Half had used it to spell out RIP.

Lucy being the funny dog that she was would have liked that.


Another column that really struck a chord (“Viewing but wondering what they said,” Sunday, Nov. 10) was the one about me and Better Half having a tough time hearing what actors are saying when we’re watching TV shows and movies, enough so that we have to be translators and play plot catchup during the commercials (which are always too loud, incidentally.)

Wow – many of us really had a bonding moment on that.

Thanks for all the responses, and here’s hoping you’ll share some year-end stories with me for publication.

(Kiaski, a resident of Steubenville, is a staff columnist and features writer for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times and community editor for the Herald-Star. She can be contacted at