Some calendar interpretation debated

This past week served as affirmation – or maybe reaffirmation – that Better Half and I interpret things differently.

I don’t know if this is a man-woman thing or if it’s a husband-wife marital marvel, but we are with some degree of frequency not always on the same page.

This is especially true when it comes to deciphering the kitchen calendar, that household staple that you’d expect to promote some sense of day-to-day order.

We were looking at it the other day, taking note and stock of things marked in some of the blocks.

It was a Monday, I believe, if my memory serves me.

“Remember,” I cautioned my event escort, “we’re going to that thing this coming Saturday.”

Better Half squinted, moving in for a closer calendar look. “You mean next Saturday.”

“This coming Saturday,” I corrected him, tapping the calendar block for emphasis.

“Next Saturday is this coming Saturday,” Better Half corrected me, engaging a tone of spousal superiority.

“No, dear” I said s-l-o-w-ly in my sweetest Mrs. Doubtfire voice, “they’re not the same Saturday.”

“But it’s Monday,” Better Half persisted.

“Very good, honey,” I said, feeling as if we were making some progress, agreeing at least on one day. “But the event is this coming Saturday. Next Saturday is the following Saturday after this coming Saturday.”

Better Half did a quick shake of his head, the kind of shake you do when you want to get rid of some water in your ears after you’ve taken a dip in a pool.

I flipped the calendar page to February to change the subject and to issue another word or two of caution.

I reminded him that Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it and that he’d better get good and creative in the I-love-you gift department.

Future column space is counting on him.

Better Half made a face – the kind of face mothers caution their young children not to make for fear that expression might freeze for all time.

“You gotta’ make my life miserable, don’t you?” Better Half said with a little smirk.

“Yes, dear,” I said in my Mrs. Doubtfire voice.

“It’s what I do – this Saturday, next Saturday and all the days in between.”