Stinky weather needs to pack its bags

My sandals are stuck in storage.

My winter coat is hanging on me instead of a hanger, where it should be enjoying seasonal retirement.

The furnace keeps running and running, but it’s not getting anywhere.

And it’s snowing at April baseball games, for pity sake, where its fans are wrapped in blankets, wearing gloves, looking cold and uncomfortable.

Play b-a-l-l…..brrrrr.

What is up with this weather?

Excuse me, Mr. Calendar, but aren’t you forgetting something — something like a little spring, maybe with some sunshine, some blue skies and some warm breezes mixed in just for the heck of it?

Just for something different?

Maybe the temperature approaching a record 50, which at this point sounds pretty good?

Maybe something besides rain and wind so the barn area isn’t Mudfest 2018 and the horses don’t look like they’re having a nonstop spa treatment?

This prolonged stretch of stinky weather has to end sometime soon, I keep telling myself and reassuring myself, as I check the extended forecast, thinking it’s got to start improving here sometime very soon, pretty please.

But these seem to be deja vu kind of weather days.

Wasn’t it lousy weather yesterday?

And the day before?

And all last week?

And for all too long?

Well, yes, that’s right, it has been.

And today’s forecast?

Happy Groundhog Day, Bill Murray.

It’s still lousy weather.

Easter Sunday was a fine reminder why it’s not a good idea to buy springy Easter outfits in Ohio and expect to actually wear them in some degree of comfort.

There just aren’t any guarantees of such things.

My sister, however, spent Easter week with her family in Florida.

In Destin.

Sunrise services on the beach.

Sun in the sky. That thing we used to spot around here when we looked up.

I love you, sister, I thought as I looked at the pictures posted on Facebook, but I’m not happy about this.

Photos absent of rain, snow, wind.

Photos of people in bathing suits.

Photos of people looking happy, probably about the weather, I can only presume.

My sister probably needs to get back to the Buckeye State.

Back to Ohio weather reality.

And if she cares anything at all about us up here, she’ll bring some good weather back with her so my coat can finally have that long overdue vacation.

(Kiaski, a resident of Richmond, is a staff columnist and community editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times. She can be contacted at