Where did it go wrong?

To the Editor,

As night follows day. In the 50s, the proliferation of television exponentially broadened the tobacco industry’s ability to merchandize cigarettes to an emerging nation of viewers. In a generation, the merchants of death addicted a nation to nicotine. In the late 50s, Hefner began a legal challenge to the nation’s pornography laws which eventually dismantled them and allowed him to mass distribute his mildly pornographic magazine through the postal system. Lenny Bruce followed suit with his challenges to obscenity laws. In 1960, Madelyn O’Hare successfully persuaded the Supreme Court to ban Bible reading from public schools, thus began a de facto campaign to isolate God and His moral law from the succeeding generations of children who are coerced to attend school and passively ingest the disintegrating values of secularism.

In the mid 60s, fast foods came into vogue and, after two generations of tantalizing advertisements of super-sized sugary drinks, along with fat calorie-laden burgers, we have an emerging health care crisis of obesity. As night follows day.

In the early 90s, violent, misogynistic and explative-saturated gangster rap songs and graphically violent videos began being mass merchandized to teens and today children. Now the bullied, the rejected, the isolated brood, absorb and fantasize until one day they return with an AR-15 and mass murder indiscriminantly. As night follows day.

Every week in courtrooms throughout this land, people are being prosecuted for sex offenses of every stripe against children, toddlers and even babies. These people are out of control and out of their minds. From Hefner’s sexy semi-nude pinups to today’s internet on demand pornographic fantasy de jeur, a sex predator registry balloons.

Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens thinks we should eliminate the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. He is taking aim at the wrong amendment. The crafters of the First and Second Amendments primary goal was to protect the citizenry from the inclination of established governing bodies to slide into totalitarian regimes. All totalitarian minded leaders first suppress the press by jailing reporters and closing downt their outlets, and substituting their own singularized voice. Then, they discourage individuals from speaking up, speaking out and speaking against their policies by jailing, torturing and murdering. Then they ban guns.

For 175 years, protecting the citizens from totalitarianism was the courts’ understanding of the First and Second Amendments until Hefner, Bruce and O’Hare challenged the prevailing view. What the justices failed to consider when these established views were attacked was the framers’ overriding desire “to promote the general welfare” which they enshrined in the Preamble. You cannot interpret anything in our Constitution accurately if it does not promote the general welfare. That was our framers’ stated intent!

Look at the dissolution of our culture and you can trace its origins to the misinterpretation of our freedom to speak up, speak out and speak for or against. Today, we have almost limitless liberty to exploit the vulnerabilities of our human nature under the guise of free speech on the altar of capitalism.

As sure as night follows day!

Blaise Hogan