Activities continue at Weir High School

Editor’s note: Corrections from May 20 article: Slapdash will take place in June, not July. Vi and Ethel’s actresses were switched.

This past week was huge for seniors, even though they haven’t been in school. Senior recognition was held on Thursday, in the gymnasium at 8 a.m. Many of the seniors received awards and scholarships. Afterwards, the graduating class walked through the middle and elementary schools as examples to the young students. Graduation was held the day after, on Friday, at 7 p.m. Best of luck to our seniors, wherever they may go.

Sports have also had a big week. The Weir High softball team made it all the way to regionals, which is the furthest the team has gone. Though they were beaten by Petersburg, this was a promising development for next season. The baseball team also entered regionals, facing Frankfurt on Tuesday at Frankfurt, Wednesday at Weir, and again at Frankfurt on Friday. Weir won the first game in the ninth inning, and lost the second. The track team also made great advances. Sebastian Spencer won the state title in the 200m dash, tying the state record and beating the school record, which was his father’s. The 4×100 team also brought home a win, consisting of Jaylon Bridges, Keyshawn Faulks, Quincy Dameron, and Sebastian Spencer. Yet another win was the 4×200 relay team, composed of Jaylon Bridges, Jake McCoy, Quincy Dameron, and Sebastian Spencer. Congratulations to Sebastian on his new title and the whole track team on their wins. Information meetings for those interested in all fall sports will be held before the school year ends. Football will meet on May 29 at 6 p.m. in the theater, and girls soccer met on the 21st. Other meetings are yet to be announced.

The current kindergarteners of Weirton Elementary visited Weir High on May 22 to take a tour of the school and participate in various activities. These included making slime, science demonstrations, handprint art that will stay on the hallway wall, playing with robots, theater warm-ups, percussion instruments, and making Abe Lincoln with paper plates. This was intended to give the children a glimpse of their future and encourage dedication to education and graduation.

Those in the Drama Club, theater classes, and NHS planted at the community garden on Elm Street on May 26. Pizza and service hours were provided.

Presale tickets for Slapdash ended May 25. Tickets must now be bought for $7 at the door on June 1 at 7 p.m. The show will feature the talents of Alyssa Burdine, Bret Fankhauser, Natalie Cramer, Seth Feierman, Dakota Wagner, Alexia Jenkins, Demetri Riter, Maddy Carroll, Megan Cramer, Joey Clutter, Shalynn Whear, and Sadies Moore. It will be co-hosted by Logan Bauldauf and Mr. Miller. Come support our theater department and have a laugh!

(Carroll and Wagner area juniors at Weir High School and student columnists for The Weirton Daily Times)