The action never stops at Weir High

Weir High School, the school that never sleeps, geared up for a busy week of sports, musicals, children, and walkathons.

The seniors at Weir High are having their last day on May 15, if they do not need to take finals, and it seems that it is only causing the school year’s end to be even more hectic than usual.

Weir High School is paving the way for the future as it continues to let the kindergarteners visit the high school. It is the second year that this has happened; it was supposed to take place on May 10, but was canceled and will be postponed to a later date.

The kindergarteners are in the class of 2030 and will be doing activities during their time at the high school.

Every year, Weir High’s drama club hosts a walkathon to raise money for cancer research. It is held during the last period of the day, and everyone goes outside to walk around the track. There is an option to have snow cones if the students pay $2 for it. The walkathon was held on May 11.

Weir High sports never seems to be able to rest, especially the boys track team. The boys track team had OVACs on May 5 where they placed third overall in class 5A. Sebastian Spencer continues impressing everyone with his speed as he was the OVAC champion in the 100m and the 200m.

Weir High was also first in the 4 by 100 Relay where Jaylon Bridges, Keyshawn Faulks, Quincy Dameron, and Sebastian Spencer were competing. Ben Fedoush placed first in discus throw.

Weir High’s Girls Softball team recently had their sectional finals. The girls managed to win the game with back-to-back home runs. The most notable home runs were hit by Liv Rosnick, who hit two, and Allison Phillips, who hit one.

Weir High hosted a musical on May 10, May 12, and May 13. The musical is “Footloose,” which is filled with an amazing variety of characters and actors.

Let’s get a closer look at some of the characters and those who play them. The Reverend Shaw Moore, played by Ben Fedoush, holds power in this town and sways the decisions of every townsperson. He has a mission to control everything to create his perfect vision of life. Ben Fedoush is a senior here at Weir and he has been in multiple shows. He played Charlie Brown in “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown,” Kenickie in “Grease,” and Maurice in “Beauty and the Beast.” The Reverend’s wife Vi Moore, played by Dakota Halfin, feels ignored in her husband’s world. Shaw has ignored her since the loss of their son. Dakota Halfin is a junior, and has been in many shows at Weir high school. She has performed in “Night of the Living Dead,” “The Rented Christmas,” “Slapdash2 and 3,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” The daughter of Shaw and Vi is Ariel, played by Alexia Jenkins, Ariel feels suffocated by her father. Ariel is a free spirit and it causes he father to become over protective. He wants his daughter to have a safe life, but without her freedom will it even be a life worth living? Alexia Jenkins is a Junior at Weir high School. Alexia has been Marty Maraschino in “Grease,” and Chip in “Beauty and the Beast.”

That is all for this week at Weir High, do not forget to make the moms in your lives happy today! If you are a mother, then take it easy today!

(Rupert and Burdine are students at Weir High School)