The door that changes everything

When I was in fourth grade at New Cumberland Elementary, I had an amazing teacher, Mrs. Campbell. On Fridays she would have us put our heads down on our desks and close our eyes, and she would tell us stories about adventures she and her friend Jane would have. They would explore the hill behind Third Avenue in New Cumberland. They discovered a magic tree one day. It looked liked all the other trees, but there was a secret door that you entered, that when you entered it opened into a massive hallway with many doors on both sides of the hallway. Every Friday we would go on an adventure with Mrs. Campbell and her friend Jane. We would enter a new door and experience what we could only imagine as she described the new worlds we entered.

I found another tree, and I know Mrs. Campbell found this tree as well; she was a wonderful Christian lady. This tree was in Jerusalem, 2,000 years ago, and on that tree we call, “the cross,” a door was opened when Jesus loved us enough to die in our place, for our sins. When we follow Him, He opens new doors for us that we couldn’t even imagine. A door of forgiveness. A door Mercy and Grace. A door of Healing from emotional traumas and hurts in our lives. A door of gifts and talents, etc. There is no end to His Love! We have Hope that is matchless! The Bible calls us new creations in 2 Corinthians 5:17: Kheeanos is the Greek word for new; it means unused; unworn; fresh, new; uncommon; unheard of; unprecedented. You need to step through this door!

The whole Bible is a book of Revelation! It’s the Revelation, or Unveiling of who God is. The Bible from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation is the Revelation of God’s glory manifested in the life, death, Resurrection and Ascension of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

Our world is changing. Rapid changes are happening in other parts of the world and in America as well.

I’ll bet the day before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, was a day like any other day, just, “normal.” I don’t remember the day before 9-11-01, but I’m going to assume it was just, “normal.”

Things were never the same after Pearl Harbor. Things have never been the same after 9-11-01. Some things just change life for individuals and families, like divorce, or a death in the family. Maybe a car accident or the loss of a job, a flood, a fire, or a tornado, but some things are so big that they change everybody’s lives, and what used to be normal has evaporated in an instant.

What if you could walk through a door and it would change everything, or at least the way you see everything? What if there is more to life than what you can see with your human eyes? What if there was a life that you never dreamed you could have and it was just behind the door in front of you?

A man named Ray Comfort was talking to an atheist, and Ray asked the man if he was an intelligent man. The man said, “yes!” Ray asked him, how much do you think the most intelligent man in the world would know about everything? The man said, “maybe the most intelligent person in the world would know one percent of everything that could be known. So, Ray asked him,” Now, you’re not the most intelligent person in the world, right? The man said, “That’s right.” Do you think maybe God could be in the other 99 percent you don’t know?” The man answered, “I guess if I’m an intelligent man, I would have to say, ‘yes!’” What do you think? Could God be in the 99 percent you haven’t explored, or don’t know?” Go ahead and walk through this door. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, said, in John 10:9 in the bible, “I Am the door, anyone who enters by Me, will be saved.”

There are two things that are certain that I want to share with you, Everything changes, and God doesn’t! Seasons come and seasons go. Summer just started, but soon it will go. Fall will come next and give way to winter, and then spring will come and then summer again. People are born and people are dying every day. Change is just a part of the big picture. There is a big picture! That big picture is created by a BIG GOD. He created everything that you see, and everything that exists that you can’t see. The Bible, God’s Word, says that in the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. The Bible says, there is a beginning and an end. The Bible says, we will live and we will die. The Bible says, we will stand before God on a day called, “Judgment Day.” If you walk through this door that Jesus opens for you, even if everything else in the world changes, you hold the hand of the one that doesn’t change, and the one who will have the final say on everything. I have experienced His Peace in the middle of many storms of change in my life, and you can too.

I know life is hard. Some of you are saying, “I don’t care about that stuff, I just want to get through today.” I’ve said it myself many times when I was young. I’m not just talking about church; I’m talking about a personal relationship with God, through His Son, Jesus Christ. Once you ask Him to forgive your sins and come into your life a door opens from Heaven and His Holy Spirit comes into your life and gives you a new heart and a new start. I was 9 years old when Mrs. Campbell taught me how to imagine and dream. That was 51 years ago! I was 21 when Jesus Christ came into my heart and Jesus opened the Door of Salvation for me, that was almost 39 years ago. I keep dreaming! My imagination continues to explode with new Revelations of God and His plans for my life and you can to! Find a life-giving church that teaches that the Bible is the final authority on truth and follow Jesus, because, it is so much more than just that first prayer. You have become a child of God! You can say that prayer right now. If you did? Welcome into the Family of God. Your decision can change your life, your family’s life and anyone you touch.

(“From the Pulpit” is a weekly sermon provided by the clergy members of The Weirton Ministerial Association)