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A first time for everything ...

April 30, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger
"Blog," Alex says to me. Alex is my publisher. I tried calling him Mr. Marshall, but he wants to be called Alex, so he's Alex.

"What do I have to blog about?" My life is uninteresting. I see interesting things, but I'm an observer, a reporter, not a doer. "If I'm not here, I'm with my kids."

"Do a blog about being a working mother," says Alex.

Since he's the publisher, he pretty much gets his way in things like this. I think Alex should blog. His blog would be much more interesting than mine. Wouldn't you be far more interested in what the publisher does all day long? I mean, it would be much more glamourous, I'm sure.

Alex said to blog, so I am blogging. This blog will be like my column in the Pennsylvania Focus, only it's a blog. I could say my blog is different, because it's online, but my column is online, too. I could say that this blog is different, because it's about my kids, but my column is about my kids, too. Everyone in Washington County is probably really, really, really tired of hearing about my kids. Maybe you will be, too.

Jeremy Johns, our art director, said I should blog for fifteen minutes. That is the maximum blogging limit, apparently. I didn't know this about blogs, and I bet you didn't know that about blogs, either, but now we both know this about blogs. I think you should learn something new every day, and this is my something new. It may not be useful, but maybe it is, if you want to blog.

So this is my first blog. I shamelessly stole this stream of consciousness style from comedian Kirk Fox. He's got a blog, too, only it's more interesting. If you want to read Fox's blog, it's at

Now, I am done blogging. This is fifteen minutes, and I want to know why there isn't a spellcheck function on this blog. I am a bad speller; if I don't spellcheck my stories, it gives the editors fits. Ah, well, this blog is unedited, or so I'm told.


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