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No clever title required

September 11, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger

Okay, so I've updated my Web site, made my calls and returned my emails. I'm bored and just waiting for the next twenty minutes to pass so I can go pick up my kids. I've been back to the vending machine (and you should see that orange juice they have in there -- it expired a year ago and it's black -- it's gonna explode someday, I know it) and there's nothing I can start right now without being interrupted.

Crap, I just realized that my water expired on April 14 of this year. Can you get sick from drinking expired water? Don't they change the bottles in these machines? Don't they check?! Now I'm all paranoid I'm going to get sick. Stupid vending machine. I thought it tasted funny. I want my dollar back.

We watch "Days of Our Lives" in the newsroom (am I not supposed to admit that?) and I'm rooting for Evil!John. He went into a coma or got hit by a car or something, (I don't follow it too closely -- Craig gives me recaps) and he doesn't remember being a dork, so now he's evil. Or something. Anyway, he's totally immoral. It's pretty awesome.

Thanks for all the Alex-hunting advice, guys. It never occurred to me that Jason From Advertising and Jeremy The Web Master Slash A Bunch Of Stuff would be calling ahead to warn Alex that I was on my way, but it makes sense.

They're like a Trifecta. Whenever I DO see Alex, he's usually got one or both in his retinue. Since Alex doesn't want me to think of him like a wizard anymore, maybe I'll reimagine him as an Evil Overlord. Alex isn't very evil, but it amuses me. Overlord Alex; it has a ring to it.

I wonder what it would be like to have minions, the way Alex does. I bet if I asked, Alex would deny he has any. Am I one of Alex's minions? If so, do I get a hat?

I want a minion hat.


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