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Let's do the time warp again ...

May 1, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger
Working at a newspaper is like being in high school for the rest of your life. We interview, or gossip, a lot. We turn in "reports" every day. And like in a high school, people fall into little stereotypes ...

Our managing editor, Sue, is sort of like the head cheerleader you wanted to hate, because she was a cheerleader, but couldn't, because she was so nice and perky and honestly helpful. People like that cause angst deep in the dark depths of my soul.

Our community editor, Lynnellen, is sort of like the class president who is a member of every single club in school. It should be impossible, but somehow she does it. She's also done everything -- the ski club trip to Colorado and the French club's trip to Paris. Also, angst blah blah blah.

Our city reporter, Gio, is like the kid who is cool just because. He's not a member of a particular group that would lend him an extra bit of cachet, he's just cool. No one knows how he does it. It just is. Like gravity.

Our city editor, Craig, is sort of like that kid who was ultra serious and whenever the back row would kick up the dickens, he'd give you a "you're-being-so-immature" look. He's the one who studied hard and was a member of the Honor Society.

As for myself, I'll just let my co-workers decide.

I'm just glad I'm not still wearing those late-90s fashions. Granny dresses and combat boots? Ugh.

EDIT: Lynnellen's husband will never like me if she keeps ratting me out. Thanks, Lynnellen.


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