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Introduction & Video Game Violence

December 15, 2008 - Print to web Print to Web
Hello eWorld, My name is Eddie, and I will be trying to pump some life into the blogs of the Herald Star & Weirton Daily Times. Throughout my blogs, I will talk about many forms of entertainment. So that could possibly include everything that is entertaining in this area, the movies, music, tv, video games, or interesting news tidbits.

Recently (Actually last October 2007) a teenager shot his dad in the head and killed his mom because they deemed Halo 3, a video game for the XBox 360, too violent. In retaliation, he attempted to killed his parents, and tried to make it look like a murder suicide. Now definitely that is a bit extreme for not being able to play a game... (Why not just play at a friends?) but with the way people are going to act, the society of gamers will have to go through another wave of ongoing attacks that say games make kids violent. Now while I don't fully understand this logic as to how it is the games faults for the parents inability to monitor their kids (the above shows that even when monitored they are crazy) and help them distinguish reality and imaginary people. I can count on one hand how many times I have ran up to someone said FINISH HIM and attempted to rip out their spine... 3 no wait ZERO. My friends and I were able to distinguish because of our parents or our own common sense. We played games ranging from Doom to Grand Theft Auto 4 this weekend. IF you take away the video game violence.. you have to take away sports, movie and tv for the violence... then what do you have..... I can't even think of anything... so look now we have nothing... Thanks Congress...thanks Jack Thompson


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