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A Sad, Sad Day....

January 15, 2009 - Print to web Print to Web
Never in my life has something gone from so great to so terrible in so little time... Scratch that... Not counting the Succo's has something gone from so great to terrible in so little time. Recently removed from 2 wins from hoisting the Cup at Mellon Arena to the best start to a season since 95 then a free fall from the top of the conference to scratching and clawing just to look on the outside of the playoffs.

All was right on Tuesday night, beating Filthadelphia was glorious, we hadn't played a game like that in forever, keeping the puck down in their zone, bounces went our way for once, a 4-2 triumph with hope for getting back in the playoffs. Wednesday was joyous, time to break out the jersey, show some pride without facing ridicule in public. And then the Capitals came to town. Alexander Ovechkin came in and showed the Penguins what being a leader, playing with heart and confidence during a losing streak should be like, not getting down on yourself or teammates and not getting discouraged when you give up your first goal.

Now I'm not blaming Crosby for this, you can only work with what you have, and Management blew it when they let Marian Hossa AND Ryan Malone get out of town. Now Hossa left for different reasons, but while playing around with him, Malone didn't get a serious offer, so he left town for literally GREENER (about 5 million) pastures. That leads us to our current roster, not that much removed but enough to show a change. Goaltending is weak in backups for Fleury, which he needs so he knows to keep his game up or he is benched, not a subpar backup which he knows he is better and doesn't feel like his job could be lost. Our toughness to stand in front of the net is gone, we let the other team stand right in front of Fleury with out even as much as a bump on them.

All of this leads to how they are coached though. No discipline on the ice, just go to puck, dump it in the offensive zone and chase. Why would you want to chase when you already had the puck to begin with. Why would you dump a system that shut down a team the night before and the team you are playing now for the 1st period to something different and then get beat around because of it. If something is working, don't change. PERIOD. (UPDATED) Though last nights game was mostly lost due to the high amount of dumb penalties taken by the Guins, and their Ineffectiveness to finish, such as a 2 minute 5 on 3, and a couple shots in the first two minutes that could have made it a 2-0 lead in the very beginning.

This reason leads me to change my previous opinion on Coach Therrien to his job is safe because it is the players fault, to we need a new coach, because the players have stopped listening and that is sad. Especially since he helped them reach the Finals (ok the players did it, but he had to have done something). It might not be his fault... but you won't know until you get down to business and end up paying him to NOT coach, and go home.

A team with no heart, desire has now lost it's captain with a serious leg injury (if not then he is like rubber man!), a good coach that will turn into a scapegoat, and a season ending all on Wednesday Jan. 14, 2009 will be the saddest day of the year......

(Entertainment 09 pt 2 - Monday Jan 19th)


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