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Matt VS George

May 5, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger
We talk about you in the newsroom.

What did you think we talked about?

We discuss the political alliances, the motivation behind this and that, the behind-the-scenes gossip we can't print, speculations on the state of the criminal mind and all sorts of things.

However, after a day filled with political machinations and head-on collisons, sometimes we need something a little ... frivolous.

Enter the ongoing struggle between proponents of two actors who have probably never heard of Weirton, West Virginia, let alone the Daily Times, and who likely wouldn't be too interested if they did.

Matt Dillon and George Clooney (I could have put them alphabetically, but I chose to do it in order of superiority. And yes, I know that is a sentance fragment.)

Lynnellen, that heathen, maintains George is the better actor and adds that he's a humanitarian. This blog doesn't have any of those nifty little emoticons, and even if it did, it likely wouldn't have one blowing a raspberry. If it did, I would use it here.

I will point out Matt's long list of indie film credits, his interest in third-world countries (To the point of filming a movie in Asia. Beat that, George.) and his stance on eco-friendly living.

A typical conversation:

"Matt is an artist."

"Jesus." Followed by a facepalm.

What really set the stage was the 2006 Oscars, however. Both Matt and George were nominated in the "Best Supporting Actor" category. Matt for "Crash," and George for "Syriana." (Or something. I can't spell it. I don't think anyone other than the academy watched it, anyway.)

Now, apparently, it's not enough for Mr. Clooney to have already snagged a couple of Oscars and to have been named People's Sexiest Man Alive (Yes, yes, Lynnellen, twice. I know.) He also has to have the 2006 Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Poor Matt. How much it must have hurt to be mugged by that thug, George Clooney. And at the Oscars, too.

Well, that's fifteen minutes. I'm done. Oh, wait. Happy Birthday, Mr. Clooney.


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Lynnellen claims it isn't fair to use this picture, as Matt is 19 and semi-shirtless. I say it is still representative of him at 44. He still looks good; you can take my word on it.