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Check Lists and Resident Racist

March 16, 2009 - Print to web Print to Web
Life seems to be one giant checklist to go thru. Walk - check Talk - check Graduate - check Fall in love - Check (which would be followed by) Win an Argument - check Break up - Check (some other things fall into the previous 3, but are not suitable for this blog) See a Concert - Check Decide whether you want to drink or not when of age - check Get kicked out of a club - check.... Pretty sure you get my point.

The last month.. month and a half has just been full of little checks to add to my list. About every weekend has been a different life experience for me. Some great, some horrible.. well only 1 horrible but still, it's there. I've broken up, I've seen a stand up show... which also led to another check, but I won't discuss on here (in person is different), gone bar hoping, had my hand lit on fire, and been kicked out of a club right before a concert. Some more things could be thrown in there but again, company blog and all.

If you read my last blog, you know my weekend was to play Resident Evil 5... well as i was sitting down to play, my phone rang... ended up going out... then saturday my phone rang again.. ended up in Morgantown (where I was kicked out of a club).. but Sunday was finally the day. The game is great, challenging, beautiful, scary. Every thing you'd ever want from Resident Evil... but then your A.I. (artificial intelligence) partner is very dumb and wasteful. I'm glad what happened to her did (company blog) and hope to avoid it tonight tho. As for the race issue, I see it towards the middle, you go deeeep into a swamp land and its like a tribe, complete with head masks, spears all that jazz. You go in, take em out.. and steal their goods (gold, healing items, other treasures) and you go about your day.... Great game tho, Must buy!!


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