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Foiled again!

May 7, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger
So I saw Alex today.

He likes this blog.

Damn. (Can I say damn on this blog? They told me I could be edgy, but how edgy is edgy? And how edgy is too edgy?)

So anyway, I figure I've gotten into the habit of it, so I'll keep going. Sooner or later the ban hammer will happily come down on my head.

Unless, of course, Alex is humoring me in order to foil me. He's very Machevellian like that.

I was going to take a picture of Alex for my blog, so you can see what he looks like, and besides, I like the way these blogs look with a picture. Just pretend you know what he looks like: very elegant and silver-haired, tall and thin. He favors a silk pink tie. There, you know what Alex looks like.

Anyway, on to other things. I still have eight minutes left. Why can't people drive? And yes, I am talking to you, middle-aged guy in shades in the red car who turned left into traffic at approximately 6:30 p.m. last Thursday.

You turned right in front of me. I was trying to go to Wintersville in order to cover a meeting. I imagine you were trying to get to the gas station. I know gas prices are getting bad, but if you plan to commit suicide, please don't take me with you. I have two children who are still young enough to think I am awesome and a husband who is more amused by me than exasperated.

I barely avoided hitting you. I did just get this car back from the body shop after the last time someone hit me.

I don't want anymore bad car karma. Whoever is sending it my way, please stop before I hunt you down and hurt you.

Okay ... five more minutes ... I like the new E! show about D-list celebs trying to learn magic. I think it's called Celebradara ... or something like that. Trying to navigate the E! Web site is like trying to talk to a politican -- they keep giving you stuff, but there isn't anything of substance there.

Anyway, I hate reality shows. I like this one, though. There's more magic than drama, but I really like it because of C. Thomas Howell.

I love, love, love Tommy ever since "Red Dawn." Those of you who didn't grow up in the eighties probably haven't seen this movie. It is very dated -- it was made at a time when we were convinced the Russians could and would invade any day now.

How can you not like a movie with lines like this:

Colonel (Some guy): All that hate's gonna burn you up, kid. Robert (C. Thomas): It keeps me warm.

And kids becoming guerillas and whooping the crap out of the Russians and the Cubans (I think). I mean, that's my idea of entertainment. Watching people get shot for an hour and a half. Especially Darren Dalton's character. He was annoying. I was glad they shot him.

Anyway, that's 15 minutes. I'm done.


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I was going to put a picture of Alex here, but I don't have one. I don't think there's one anywhere on the site. That makes me sad. You know what I look like, shouldn't you know what he looks like so you know who to complain about this blog to? I chose this photo because I imagine this is an expression similiar to the one on Alex's face when I leave his office. Sort of exhausted and sad.