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Randon thoughts

May 9, 2008 - Mike Mathison
Don't count LeBron out yet. Just because he went 8-for-42 in the first two losses to Boston means nothing. Think back to last year when he was, at best, highly mediocre in the first two games against Detroit and then spanked the Pistons himself. Congratulations to the Weir High baseball team for winning the sectional championship. The Red Riders now do not play until May 19. How stupid is that?

The West Virginia High School State Track and Field Championships are two weeks too early. Two more weeks should be added to the schedule to run the event the end of May. The meet and times would be a lot better.

What is this big thing about hiring Mike D'Antoni? What has he won in Phoenix to make him such a hot commodity? Yep, that's right, nothing.

He is being displayed as a failure in Phoenix and would be given many pats on the back for what he can do in New York. Let's face it, he'll get four years with the Knicks, because the first two would be nothing more than rebuilding the garbage Isiah Thomas tore down.

I would expect him to coach the Bulls, but that makes him on the hot seat immediately.

Once this NBA coaching carousel stops, which retread Phoenix going to hire because Shaq and the veteran team will not play for a rookie coach.

Can anyone please put a shopping cart away correctly in a store parking lot? If you walked around the store four or five times to get all your stuff, you can easily walk another 20 steps to put your cart away correctly. And, then, please take the extra two seconds to shove it into the cart in front of it.

Unless you see a sign saying you can't, it's really OK to turn right on a red light. Please be aware and be ready to do so. Don't wait for the green light as your permission to go.

Why is it when my total purchase comes up to $5.06 and I give the cashier $11.01, they look at me wondering why I just gave them a $10, a $1 and a penny?

Also, if I buy a little something and then say 'put the change of the $20 on gas,' don't look at me like you have no idea how to do that or what the change amount is. And, when I give you the mathematical answer, please don't act surprised.


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