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Mayo, please

May 12, 2008 - Mike Mathison
I sure hope no one is surprised by the latest NCAA basketball allegations with departed USC freshman O.J. Mayo. A former associate of Mayo's, Louis Johnson, who apparently was seeking to cash in on the Mayo gravy train, spilled the beans on Mayo's relationship with Rodney Guillory.

Apparently, Guillory, on behalf of Bill Duffy Associates (BDA), with whom Mayo officially signed as his agent, threw about $30K in cash, gifts, etc... toward Mayo in the past years.

Oh, shock!

If it's true or not, there's a lot of blame to go around here. 1) Mayo 2) Johnson 3) Guillory 4) BDA 5) USC 6) NBA 7) NCAA

1. Mayo knows the difference from right and wrong, but what teenager is not going accept all this stuff? Come on, he was ruled ineligible by OHSAA and promptly transfered to Huntington High School in West Virginia (where he was born) and won a state title his senior year. Mayo is used to being told he is the best and nobody can touch him.

2) Johnson sang like a canary when he apparently was kicked out of Mayo's inner circle - I guess he was no longer one of the Faves. Money talks. Johnson wasn't getting any so he did.

3) Guillory seems like nothing more than trouble. He was a part of getting a former USC basketball player in trouble and now he has done it again.

4) BDA really doesn't care what happened because they have Mayo as a client and they will, eventually, make a fair share of bank with him. It won't be right away in his NBA contract, but they will do so in endorsements.

5) USC has some holes in its athletic department (see Reggie Bush) and needs to do more than plug them with a single finger and turn their heads the other way. Mayo recruited USC because he felt he would make more money when he turned pro having already been in the L.A. market. They knew from history that Guillory was trouble and, apparently, did nothing.

6) The NBA is the lead on this because of their stupid one year in college or else attitude. If Mayo went straight to the NBA as he wanted and should have done, this really wouldn't be an issue, unless it would be at Huntington High School or North College Hill High School.

7) The NCAA is married with the NBA in this mandatory one year in college garbage. It will get worse if the NBA's CBA extends to a mandatory two years. The NCAA wants these kids in college so the institutions can make more money, that shouldn't be a secret.

They need to go to what is done in baseball. A player can get drafted out of high school, but, once they go to college, they cannot be drafted again until after their junior year.


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