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Morning Reflections

May 20, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger
Okay, I've been kicked off the system three times already this morning, so I'm going to step back, do a quick blog and NOT push my computer off of my desk.

I'm also going to drink a cup of coffee to go with the cinnamon rolls I brought in this morning. I made them yesterday for dessert, but had to leave before I could partake, and when I got home, I knew if I ate them that late, they'd go straight to my thighs. Anyway ...

* I got stuck behind a Hanover Township Police car on Hanlin Station Road yesterday. I didn't even want to speed, I just wanted to go the speed limit, but this joker was going five to 10 miles below. I'm pretty sure the sadistic sob was messing with me. I could have literally leapt out of my car, ran up and pushed him at some point. Learn how to drive, man.

* Approximately 50 percent of being a successful wife is learning the fine art of silence and judicious use of patience.

* Tuesday is my production day, meaning I don't take any appointments, so I'd like to come to work in pajamas. Just some flannel PJ pants and a big, baggy sweater. I wonder if anyone would notice. I'm tucked back in the corner, and you can't see me. I resolve to test this one day in the future.

* I'd also like not to take any calls on Tuesdays, but no one wants to handle my stuff, and I don't understand why.

* My son confided to me that he and his sister plan to purchase the blue-and-yellow wreath with the "Dad" ribbon for their father on June 15. Not being totally sadistic, I will pin four Pirates tickets to said wreath. I did get a gnome, after all.

* And that's 15 ... back to work!


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This is the Hanlin Station Road tunnel. Hanlin redefines the meaning of switchbacks. One of these days, I'll be killed on one of these back roads, but it's the fastest way to get to Eldersville. This lovely little tunnel is not quite wide enough for two cars to comfortably pass each other, and you can't see the other end, even though the tunnel itself is maybe 20 feet deep.