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To the smucks at WVU ...

May 23, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger
To the morons who thought they could give Heather Bresch a free pass, therefore making our state university look like a shady diploma factory and giving the state yet another black eye the rest of us didn't need nor want:

Okay, I get it. She's Gov. Joe Manchin's daughter. She's Milan Puskar's protege. Puskar gives you money. Those are two people you don't want to upset.

However, I might point out the fact that the rest of the country is laughing up their collective sleeve at the stupidity of a university administration which apparently thinks no more of giving out MBAs than giving out candy -- provided the recipent has enough connections.

Your little game of "take-backsies" has not stemmed the firestorm of criticism aimed at the university. The Post-Gazette is going to ride this horse until it's dead, then the Blocks are going to reanimate that sucker. This isn't something that is just going to go away.

University President Michael Garrison: You are a smuck. Within MONTHS of taking office, you have inflicted more damage to the reputation of academics at WVU than any other administrator in the history of the university.

By deciding to just give a degree to your buddy Heather, you have introduced the spectres of cronyism and nepotism to campus. You have devalued all the degrees legitimately earned.

The faculty was right to vote (and quite a landslide, too) no confidence in you. It's not just the faculty, Mike, it's the whole state. Heck, the whole country. You are pretty much made of fail and lose, with a side of lame sauce.

Quit, already. As long as you remain on campus, WVU will always be associated with this scandal. This isn't something you can ride out. This is a textbook example of academic dishonesty perpertrated by your administration. It is a benchmark of dishonesty.

While I am making recommendations, let me make this one: Quit sending my husband letters asking him for money. Yes, he's an alumn -- he actually attended and completed his business classes -- but his degree is no longer worth the paper its printed on, since you cast doubt on any degree awarded by the School of Business through your boneheaded move.

We'll save any donations we choose to make for an institution which has a tradition of academic honesty and integrity, like my alma mater, West Liberty State College. It's soon to be a university, anyway.

Yours most sincerely,



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This is Mike Garrison. He is the president of West Virginia University, home of the Mountaineers and a rather ugly scandal. It also happens to be my husband's alma mater. Yo, Mike, we aren't giving you any money, so quit sending us letters.


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