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Finding Kirk Fox

May 27, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger
Some people have asked me: who is Kirk Fox, and why are you so struck by him?

Okay, they didn't, but I'm going to tell you anyway, because I used up the good topic for this week's column. It's hard to be funny in fifteen minutes. In fact, I don't even try, but people tell me these blogs are funny. I attribute this to basically ripping off Kirk's blogging style.

How did I become aware of Kirk? Well, I have an unhealthy ... not obsession ... enjoyment, that works for me ... of eighties movies. I can recite the entire dialogue of "Princess Bride." Try me.

One of the stars, "teen idols" if you will, of the early eighties was one C. Thomas Howell, of whom I have blogged before. He's currently appearing (made it to the final three!) on "Celebracadra" on E!

Oh, about 18 months ago, he had a radio talk show which consisted of him speaking to various celebs of sorts and dumping all over his cohost, a comedian. That's Kirk.

Although I've never done so much as written a fan letter in all my life (way too introverted for that sort of thing), myself and a few friends agreed to call in on the same night, with the assistance of more than a couple drinks. (Look, you try calling C. Thomas Howell sober and see how it goes. Get back to me on that, okay?)

It went well; Kirk was complimentry. A couple of us developed crushes. (Not I; I'm married and way too old to fangirl. You believe me, right?)

My fellow eighties ladies and I listened to the once-weekly broadcasts faithfully, and we started wondering about this Kirk Fox. Who was he? So we rented "Tennis Anyone," and watched it.

We were impressed, to say the least. In fact, we started rooting for Kirk the underdog to overthrow C. Thomas' tyranny and take over. Then the radio show was canceled. Unexpectedly. We were sad. We would always have messaging, but it wasn't the same.

But Kirk continues to make us laugh with his blog, which, frankly, is much funnier than today's or Friday's blogs. I've lost my blogging mojo, I don't know where it's gone and I'm not particularly worried. It will be back; life is nothing if not ridiculous.


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