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Hiding out at work

June 11, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger
My husband has the week off. Now me, this would make me cheerful if I had a week off. Now, I get two weeks off, but he gets three or four, plus a ton of personal days. Whenever I complain about this, he just smirks and notes that it's one of the benefits of "working for a Fortune 500."

Whatever. I'd tell him to go to hell, but the last time I told him to stuff it, we were walking behind the hostess at a resturant, and she thought I was talking to her. I had to apologize big-big, and he thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Jerk.

Anyway, I'm hiding out here at work because he's miserable. He can't find a c-clamp or something like that. I'm not sure. It's a tool. He wants to fix something on the car. I don't know what these tools are, and I really don't care. As long as he has it, I don't need to know what it is. However, he's laid it down somewhere, and now he can't find it. He's being very grumpy about it, too.

Look, it is not my fault. I bought him a TOOLBOX to put that crap in. It's a Craftsman, and it's almost two feet high and BRIGHT RED. It's for putting tools into, and if he would just put them in there, he could find the stuff. It's like my junk -- he bought me a giant black leather bag to put it all in. I have a bag, and he has a toolbox. Why can't he put his junk in there? That is what it is for.

So, anyway, he DIDN'T put the tool away, now he can't find it, he's all grumpy over it and WHO is hiding out at work to avoid the unpleasantness?! Me. And I'm wasting my time blogging.

I know the blog has been "sporadic" lately, but ever since I figured out that Alex isn't kicking me off of the blogging team, I've lost all motivation to blog. If I'm not going to get in trouble, what is the point? Negative reenforcement is the only thing I understand.

I've not seen Alex lately anyway. I think he hides when I go over to that building; he's got a specialized alarm system or something.

Whenever I go through the building, the girls in circulation always tell me he's at a meeting. If I had to go to as many meetings as Alex, I would be miserable. I almost feel bad for him, but then I stop myself. It's against my principals to feel bad for my boss. At least he doesn't have to blog; I still think it would be more interesting than mine.

So I hear they are keeping an eye on the blogs down at the Mothership in Wheeling. I feel bad for that guy, too. Imagine having to read all the blogs for the DT, HS, TL, Intell, NR and Review. Who knows what other blogs the guy has to read. Maybe he just has to make sure we are posting, but what if we post something they want to take down -- so maybe he is reading them all.

Don't you feel bad for this poor guy? I mean, he's got to read THIS almost every day.

I think I'll go home and try to find that C-clamp.


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This is generally what my husband's toolbox looks like. It's a good thing it's kind of pretty, because he's not even using it to put tools in. I know this because he can't find them. Hint: YOUR tools do not go on top of MY refridgerator, regardless of whether I am tall enough to see the top or not.