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Things no one ever asked me

June 19, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger
I am rarely, if ever, asked for my opinion about things at work, pre-implementation -- or post-implementation, really.

Not that it stops me from giving it, though.

Take this blog, for instance. It has no spellcheck, so despite being a reasonably articulate person who is trying to communicate with people on a newspaper Web site, I am sometimes misspelling words, which I am sure makes me look really smart and articulate. (If I misspelled articulate, I am going to be so depressed.)

In addition to that, I do not have the ability to bold or italize anything for emphasis. There are a great many things in my life with I think need emphasis, and the only way to do it is typing it in ALL CAPITALS, which I am told is the internet equivalent to YELLING at you.

For example, I walked into work this morning looking like MORE of a hot mess than usual. I had my blouse on INSIDE OUT and my hair looked like some small, carnivous animal was DROPPED onto my head, mouth first. Did any of my DT coworkers mention it to me?! No, they were MUCH TOO BUSY discussing the "Today Show" segment about a woman suing Victoria's Secret after being ATTACKED by a pair of thong underwear.

See -- that would have been improved by italics, don't you think?

And my last complaint about this blog (for today) is that I've got to post it independently on both the Weirton Daily Times and Herald-Star sites. Alex, our publisher, wants it on both, or at least expressed the desire before I really started blogging. (Now, I think he may be reconsidering.)

In order to do this, I must pull up two windows, sign into two different systems and cut-and-paste my blog entry from one to the other. It's a monumental effort, requiring mad mouse skillz.

I'm not going to point out these blogs could have been hosted on already-established, free blog sites such as Blogger or Journalfen. I won't add how much more user friendly they are or how many more features they have. I also won't ask why they didn't just host them on a free site, then put the links up on our Web sites.

No one would tell me, anyway. I am a insignificant, insolent cog in a large machine.

This will be my first Herald-Star blog, because I've complained about this, and I know if I don't, Alex will ask me why -- if I am complaining about it -- it is not on the Herald-Star site. This is a preemptive blog.

Alex, as our DT readers know, is like my Maris, only without the dysfunctional relationship. On "Fraiser," you always HEARD about Maris, but you never SAW Maris. So it is with Alex.

On the other hand, my mother finds him much more likeable and interesting now that she is picturing him as the Alltel wizard.

In fact, Wednesday, I was going to take Alex's picture for my blog. I snuck into the anteroom of his office, turned my camera on, engaged the flash and literally tip-toed toward the door of his office, clinging to the wall like a cop in a courtroom drama show, then leapt into the doorway, hammering on the shutter button like a mad woman.

Of course he wasn't there. He's Alex, and he KNOWS.

The only thing I got a picture of was Alex's empty chair. I almost expected the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come to drift in on a fog bank and intone dolefully, "This was Tiny Tim's chair ... "


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