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Taxes are nothing but a protection racket

December 14, 2014 To the Editor, The old protection racket works like this: Thugs, working alone or acting as agents of organized crime, demand payment for “protection” against destruction of your property or assault... more »»

Please remember to keep Christ in Christmas

December 14, 2014 To the Editor, Christmas is almost here. It is a time to remember the birth of Jesus. If you take Christ out of Christmas there is no meaning to the word Christmas. more »»

Christianity isn’t on the wane; hell is un-Biblical

December 14, 2014 To the Editor, Sermon Sunday: Some say Christianity is on the wane in America. That thought only comes from the folks who can’t get their way with the transition in the world of Christianity. more »»

Veteran’s experience makes him ashamed of companies

December 14, 2014 To the Editor, I thought I’d write on my veteran’s experience. I am a retired U.S. Army veteran, with previous Air Force regular active duty time, as well. more »»

Weirton parade a great event

December 7, 2014 To the Editor, On Nov. 29, I had the privilege of participating in the Weirton Christmas Parade and staying to see the fireworks. more »»

Divide, conquer rules the day

December 7, 2014 To the Editor, Divide and conquer seems to be the game plan of the Obama administration. more »»

Help from a good neighbor

November 30, 2014 To the Editor, My Good Samaritan showed up after cars drove by and glanced at me, but did not stop. At 7:40 a.m. on Friday, Nov. more »»

Shopping local makes a difference

November 30, 2014 To the Editor, I would like to bring attention to a local business that has gone above and beyond. I am a teacher and coach at Oak Glen High School. more »»

Liberals hate giving choices

November 30, 2014 To the Editor, Network news giant Ted Koppel was on Bill O'Reilley's show recently, complaining that Fox News is bad for America. more »»

Enjoying the election results

November 30, 2014 To the Editor, After reading some of the letters following the Republican massacre on election day, if I had their addresses, I would send them sympathy cards. more »»

Elitists ruining our country

November 30, 2014 To the Editor, The conservative tea party members and conservative extraordinary pundit Thomas Sowell have, somewhere in their conservative agenda, changed their personality and evolved into... more »»

Thanks for the support

November 23, 2014 To the Editor, At the end of this year I will have served Hancock County, as your commissioner, for 18 years. more »»

Veterans preserved our freedoms

November 23, 2014 To the Editor, A few days ago, the Daily Times asked a question in the Your Turn section of the paper. more »»

Democrats should get a backbone

November 23, 2014 To the Editor, Ignoring the tea-slurping, ignorant editorials and letters to the editor appearing lately is hard. It forces me to leave many stupid comments unanswered. more »»

Helping the poor at Thanksgiving and beyond

November 16, 2014 To the Editor, I'm appealing to all Christians to allow God to show His love through you this Thanksgiving season by helping the poo. more »»

Let the witch hunts begin

November 16, 2014 To the Editor, The election is over. It's Hee-Haw time for the winners with "I told you so." Voters are fickle. more »»

Election results not good for U.S.

November 16, 2014 To the Editor, I couldn't help but think of the French people following the French Revolution who were facing the guillotine. more »»

Hoping the GOP does not disappoint

November 16, 2014 To the Editor, Okay, Republicans, you got what you wanted. You're running the show. All we, the people ask now is that you do right by us and don't screw it up. more »»

Finding a better appreciation

November 9, 2014 To the Editor, There is a company in our area that carries the name ArcelorMittal. It was formerly the location of Weirton Steel. more »»

Christians should stand united

November 9, 2014 To the Editor, When was the last time the headlines read, "Pastor addresses church leaders" "The Bible is the supreme truth, and therefore it is the standard by which scientific theory should be... more »»

An election poem

November 9, 2014 To the Editor, This poem is geared towards all voters who went Republican. more »»


Never Alone WV meeting December 22, 2014

"Never Alone WV" holds weekly meetings of support for various addictions, each Monday night at 6 p.m. The location is 149 Preston Ave. on Weirton Heights. more »

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Elf an NSA conditioner? Bah! Humbug!

December 19, 2014 The Elf on the Shelf thing came along after my little ones weren't so little anymore and prior to the whole grandchild thing, but I've got friends who are faithful to the Christmas tradition of... more »

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