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Senior feels forgotten

March 1, 2015 To the Editor, Why do the city leaders ignore the many senior citizens in downtown Weirton? We all know it's been a very long, cold winter, and for our seniors, it's been very difficult. more »»

Right to work wrong for West Virginia

March 1, 2015 To the Editor, Right to Work and prevailing wage repeal are part of an ongoing radical agenda to destroy workers' rights and squeeze every dime out the middle class possible. more »»

Bill would put state’s health in reverse

March 1, 2015 To the Editor, On Jan. 14, 2015 the 82nd Legislature began in Charleston. more »»

Smoking ban raises questions

March 1, 2015 To the Editor, Beginning on July 8, the Hancock Board of Health in West Virginia's Northern Panhandle held a series of meetings to get public input for a ban on second-hand smoke that include all... more »»

Elks event a success

February 22, 2015 To the Editor, On Feb. 7, the Weirton Elks 1801 held our third-annual wine tasting event. It was our best event so far by the overwhelming response we receive. more »»

Some thoughts about our world

February 22, 2015 To the Editor, Just some thoughts on what's going on in the world today that started in the beginning: • Sniper: Clint Eastwood directed a movie, and Sean Hannity of Fox News glorified i. more »»

Computers can be a danger

February 22, 2015 To the Editor, The Jan. 30 issue of Science Magazine, the journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, addressed the issue of loss of privacy. more »»

The lessons we can learn

February 22, 2015 To the Editor, The most important thing about learning a lesson is not the realization of being wrong, but to learn the correct lesson. more »»

Not everything changes with time

February 22, 2015 To the Editor, Twenty-one Coptic Christians from Egypt were beheaded by ISIS, simply for the fact of being Christians, and the Obama administration, still, cannot bring itself to admit that fact. more »»

Suggestion for next superintendent

February 15, 2015 To the Editor, With the resignation of Ms. more »»

Looking through history

February 15, 2015 To the Editor, It is a delight to locate The Weirton Daily Times online. more »»

Cultural diversity seminars planned

February 15, 2015 To the Editor, There will be two cultural diversity seminars celebrated at the Mount Olive Baptist Church located at Kessel and Weir Avenue in Weirton, West Virginia. more »»

Laws exist for a reason

February 15, 2015 To the Editor, I've been wanting to write this letter for a long time. There are several issues I'd like to address. The longer I've put this off, the angrier I've becom. more »»

Grateful for helpful neighbors

February 8, 2015 To the Editor, I have two gentlemen neighbors who keep my driveways and sidewalks clear when it snows. more »»

Walk a mile in their shoes

February 8, 2015 To the Editor, I was happy to hear the driver (a Teamster) of a garbage truck speak up for the men on the back of the truck doing the heavy lifting. That has to be the toughest job in the city. more »»

Change simply for change is meaningless

February 8, 2015 To the Editor, If the Republicans now controlling the House and Senate in West Virginia for the first time in eons can do some good for the state, I would be totally in support. more »»

Theater of the absurd

February 8, 2015 To the Editor, Republicans now are concerned with income inequality and the poor, or at least that's what they say. White is now black, weak is now strong, up is down and in is now out. more »»

Lack of leadership

February 8, 2015 To the Editor, Last month, dozens of world leaders converged on Paris, France, in the wake of the attack on the newspaper "Charlie Hebdo. more »»

A better alternative is available for road project

February 1, 2015 To the Editor, Within the past year and a half I have been involved with efforts to solve this proble. more »»

It’s not worth the gamble

February 1, 2015 To the Editor, Most guys and dolls who place a $2 wager on a sporting event have never heard of the Federal Wire Act. It's a death grip law that has its origins in the time of a young Robert F. more »»

Charlie Hebdo made a mistake

January 25, 2015 To the Editor, Pope Francis got it right on freedom of speech. One can say anything you want to, anytime you want to in any pool hall in the country with limitations. more »»


Brooke Senior Center bingo March 5, 2015

The Brooke County Senior Center, 948 Main St., will hold a weekly quarter bingo from noon to 4 p.m. each Thursday.All ages are welcome. more »

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