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Upping my helicopter parent game

January 23, 2016 So it started with a phone call. The Long-Suffering Husband got an email from the school, asking why our Sassy Saint hadn’t shown up to school. more »»

Congratulations, you’re not a winner

January 17, 2016 Well, I'm still here, which means I didn't win the most recent Powerball drawin. more »»

So you’re telling me there’s a chance

January 17, 2016 Chances are, I’ve kept my day job. And that’s because my chances of winning the Powerball jackpot were about 1 in 292.2 million, so I’ve read. more »»

Some January odds and ends today

January 17, 2016 Now what? I thought as I opened my photo file to find that the well had gone dry when it came to pictures for my column. It had been a slow two weeks. more »»

The long, and short, of winter manners

January 16, 2016 We had our first actual snow of the season, which was pretty lucky, considering how warm it was through the end of December. more »»

W.Va. Legislature faces a long road

January 10, 2016 On Wednesday, the 82nd West Virginia Legislature will convene for its regular 60-day session. more »»

The narcissistic church

January 10, 2016 Few, if any, of us would claim the handle of a narcissist: self-centered, egotistical with an extreme selfishness, a grandiose view of one's own talents and a craving for admiration. more »»

Moving forward: My 2016 legislative agenda

January 10, 2016 With the beginning of 2016 comes the beginning of the 2016 Legislative Session. The Regular Session of the Legislature is set to start on Wednesday, January 13, 2016, at noon. more »»

2016 tradition and some resistance to it

January 10, 2016 I’m not sure how your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day went, but mine pretty much included “tradition” and a mix of some resistance to it. more »»

Some final holiday events and a chill

January 10, 2016 Holiday events lasted well beyond Christmas Day around our house but have wound down now, and I am now facing the real chill of winter. more »»

The search for the missing coat

January 9, 2016 I bought the Little Professor a new coat. I know I did. A nice, warm down-filled, water-proofed, more-zippers-than-anyone-could-ever-need coat. more »»

Some predictions for the new year

January 3, 2016 It’s a new year, full of new beginnings and possibilities. We’ve all made our resolutions, or perhaps set some plans for the next several months. more »»

Some thoughts for the new year

January 3, 2016 Happy New Year everyone. Many of us have enjoyed the holiday season with lots of food, nice presents and visiting with our families. more »»


January 3, 2016 By The Associated Press “Just because you train that you can use force doesn’t mean you should. more »»

Full of hope in welcoming the new year

January 3, 2016 Who’d have thought I would have spent a bit of the mornings of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sitting coatless and comfortable on my back porch? But I did, quite in contrast, no doubt, to those two... more »»

Giving and doing are appreciated

January 3, 2016 Christmas Day is over, but there was much giving and doing for others by clubs and individuals during the last month of 2015 — throughout the year actually. more »»

Work, holidays and hopes for 2016

January 2, 2016 I’d like to say I once again spent a quiet holiday with my family, but nothing happened because I was too busy to spend time with them, in retrospect. Downer. more »»

A New Year’s challenge to all of us

December 27, 2015 It’s coming up on that time when each of us sits down and makes a plan for the new year. more »»

Have a Happy New Year

December 27, 2015 Here we are again, the close of another year. more »»

Premiere pumpkin roll procrastinator

December 27, 2015 It used to be that I made t-o-n-s of Christmas cookies, priding myself on the fact that I filled many a tray with many a variety. more »»

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