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From the Governor's Desk: A promise that is paying off

March 1, 2014 Like so many West Virginians, Crystin Povenski and her siblings were raised by parents who instilled in them the importance of hard work and the value of learnin. more »»

Struggling with Canada’s Olympic hockey win

March 1, 2014 I hate Canada. Actually, I think most of their laws are reasonable, their people (for the most part) friendly and what little of their scenery I’ve seen (Niagara Falls) nice. Hate is a strong word. more »»

We can't afford to be exclusionary

February 23, 2014 The Ohio Valley is forever changing. Each community is looking for its future identity; to see what types of businesses and civic components will be available. more »»

From the Pulpit: Reaping the harvest

February 23, 2014 Text: John 4:34-39 — "My food," said Jesus, "is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. more »»

Legislative column: Taking pride in our military

February 23, 2014 This week in the West Virginia Senate we were honored to have visit on Monday a large group of West Virginian military veterans during Veteran Visibility Day at the Legislature. more »»

Legislative column: Protecting our Second Amendment rights

February 23, 2014 I always have and always will work to protect and strengthen our Second Amendment rights. more »»

Nothing says love quite like a potato

February 23, 2014 I lugged my potato around with pride. After all, it was not just any potato. It was a heart-shaped potato, pulled straight from the tater sack. more »»

Some thoughts about spring

February 23, 2014 Just a few thoughts … The warmer temperatures we experienced Thursday and Friday certainly offered an appreciated break from this cold and snow we’ve been experiencing and offered a little reminder... more »»

Guest column/African-Americans have a rich heritage to share

February 23, 2014 Once again, we have come to the close of the commemoration of African-American (Black) History Month 2014. We are very grateful and proud that God dealt with Carter G. more »»

Sharing Black History Month info

February 23, 2014 In my heart, I knew it was Black History Month throughout February, but I had Ambrose Bolling of Weirton bring it to focus in my mind when he visited our office to see me on Monday. more »»

Guest column/Accomplishments of Vic Ciancetta remembered

February 23, 2014 I write of “Victor” — the late Victor Ciancetta, an exceptional man whose unselfish services, remarkable accomplishments and invaluable contributions to better our community, uplift its residents an... more »»

Hockey, the only reason to get up early

February 22, 2014 I'm not a morning person. The only reason I am coherent before noon is sweet, sweet coffee. Even with the assistance of coffee, I am coherently grouchy. more »»

Win makes morning better

February 22, 2014 I’m not a morning person. The only reason I am coherent before noon is sweet, sweet coffee. Even with the assistance of coffee, I am coherently grouchy. more »»

Guest column/The year-round choice for success in education

February 22, 2014 During a recent conversation with public policy makers about the advantages of year-round education (not necessarily year-round schools), my thinking went almost immediately to traditional Asian ric... more »»

Guest column/Obamacare hurts seniors on Medicare Advantage

February 21, 2014 One of the most troubling aspects of President Barack Obama’s takeover of health care is the more than $200 billion in cuts that Obamacare is taking from the Medicare Advantage program — a program... more »»

Consolidation is bound to happen

February 16, 2014 In recent years, the idea of school consolidation has been a hot button topic in the Northern Panhandle. more »»

Legislative column: Caring for West Virginia's veterans

February 16, 2014 This week the Senate has taken up action on a very important measure, one that relates to the care and well being of our state veteran. more »»

Legislative column: The first way is not necessarily the best way

February 16, 2014 There has been a lot of talk over the past couple of weeks in regards to House Bill 4333 (HB 4333) that has been introduced by request of Governor Tomblin. more »»

Look — it’s right around the corner

February 16, 2014 Wishful-thinking people keep saying that spring is right around the corner. It’s a b-i-g corner, though, and my neck hurts from craning it to catch a glimmer of promised warmer weather. more »»

All records are first-ever, new

February 16, 2014 Sharing a few thoughts: ¯ You can always count on the Olympics impressing, whether it’s the summer games or the winter games, and the 2014 edition from Sochi has not disappointed. more »»

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