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Keep your hands off my bacon

November 1, 2015 Every couple of years, we hear a report by some group of scientists and researchers who say they have found new information that some type of food isn’t good for you. more »»

Ramblings and whatever comes to mind

November 1, 2015 This is my week without pictures, so I can ramble on about whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it can be nothing, other times, it can be lots. more »»

From the pulpit/Thanksgiving with the Christmas creep

November 1, 2015 It is that time of year again when we begin to think and prepare for the holidays. more »»

Spirit Week and an active imagination

October 31, 2015 This past week was spirit week, and somehow our Sassy Saint was appointed band senior sign coordinator. Apparently it went thus: “Will we get senior signs this year?” Student No. 1 said. more »»

If you want new leaders, step up

October 25, 2015 During a presidential election cycle, it can be interesting to listen to some of the different views from the candidates — and about the candidates — as each state heads toward their primary... more »»

Struggling with the season transition

October 25, 2015 It’s no secret that Better Half and I go through this change-of-season mood swing this time of year. more »»

Apple Stirrin’ Time cold, but fun

October 25, 2015 The weather man has been known to hand out a dose of cold weather at many of the Unionport Apple Stirrin’ events, and this was another time when it was a bit nippy. more »»

Sassy Saint is growing up too fast

October 24, 2015 Many of our Sassy Saint’s friends are high school seniors this year, and that’s not a good thing, because they’ll be taking off for parts unknown in a few short months. more »»

Developing some artistic abilities

October 18, 2015 I’ve never considered myself much of an artist. I know a few historical facts about DaVinci and some others, but haven’t felt the urge all that often to put paint on canvas myself. more »»

Creating a safe learning environment

October 18, 2015 Last week, I joined administrators, teachers and student advocates from across the state to recognize National Bullying Prevention Month and to proclaim October 11-17 as Bullying Awareness Week in... more »»

One man’s routine is another’s novelty

October 18, 2015 The ho-hum routine of one man is the novelty, new adventure of another’s. more »»

Meeting the llamas at local event

October 18, 2015 There are only two words in the dictionary — one that has been in my possession since Jay graduated from high school — that start with the double consonants of LL and one of them is llama. more »»

Costumes and the Halloween spirit

October 17, 2015 Have you not been dusting this month? I haven’t been dusting this month. October is the only month we can get away with this without so much as a twinge of guilt. Let’s all not dust together. more »»

A little kindness can go a long way

October 11, 2015 I had a few topics planned for this week’s column, but that all went out the window Saturday morning. more »»

Just keep singing

October 11, 2015 It was the week after Thanksgiving. My wife and I had come to Temple, Texas, to be with my father. more »»

Tough to make those morning decisions

October 11, 2015 Some days I can’t decide what to wear to work. Pants. A skirt. A dress. more »»

Special program, special cookbook

October 11, 2015 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many, from news analysts, television reporters, sports figures and those leading everyday lives, are wearing pink in some form. more »»

Does anyone want to watch my mother?

October 10, 2015 I took Grandmama shopping. This is almost always, without qualification, a mistake. She is spry and quick, even with a bad hip. more »»

Are our efforts ruining their childhoods?

October 4, 2015 I don’t have any children of my own. I may never have that privilege. I do have many friends with kids, and have watched them grow up and experience a much different childhood than what I ha. more »»

Is there anybody home?

October 4, 2015 Acts 13:22 "And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart,... more »»

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