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Stop playing the blame game

February 1, 2015 Just wondering, how many of us are being faithful to the New Year's Resolution we made within the last 31 days? All too often we make a resolution that is simply out of reach or unreasonabl. more »»

In ‘de-thickening’ mode, not diet

February 1, 2015 I am not dieting. I am, however, in “de-thickening” mode. more »»

What weather will February bring?

February 1, 2015 One more month of winter weather has passed — days that were filled with deep down temperatures, blowing snow, slippery roads and fog that turned the tree limbs and sidewalks to a crystal ice. more »»

Your video games are watching you

January 31, 2015 I turn the gaming system on, and it chips. “Hi, Summer” appears in two-inch high letters. “How does it know my name?” I asked. more »»

Elections are interesting times

January 25, 2015 Several of our local communities are planning elections this spring, with council seats, mayoral positions and other elected offices going up for grabs. more »»

Are you looking for a fresh start?

January 25, 2015 As January comes to a close, you may be thinking of spring and warmer weather. more »»

It was a week of a lot of brokenness

January 25, 2015 “I might break your camera.” I’ve lost count how many times people have said that to me over the years, cautioning me just as I’m about to snap a picture. more »»

January brings time for snow art

January 25, 2015 There has been enough snow during the month of January that people have been able to build snowmen with the fluffy flakes. more »»

Another chance to get it right

January 24, 2015 The Sassy Saint wandered downstairs, wrapped in a blanket and her hair standing up every which way. One eye was half-open and she mumbled something incoherent as she stumbled toward the kitche. more »»

Speeches need to be realistic

January 18, 2015 We’re a little more than half-way through January, settling well into 2015. more »»

Who is the blind man?

January 18, 2015 Background Passage: John 9. 1-38; Specific Passage John 9. 1-5 Key verse: 9. 5b "but that the works of God should be revealed in him. more »»

Exciting commentary on wintry evenings

January 18, 2015 Better Half and I engage in some pretty exciting commentary on these wintry weather evenings. “Brrrrrr — it’s cold in here. more »»

What to write about during the lull?

January 18, 2015 It had to come sooner or later. My days of attending Christmas parades, recognition dinners, honorary breakfasts and holiday celebration luncheons are over for a time. more »»

A couple stories for a slow news cycle

January 17, 2015 It's January. Things are slower than molasses running uphill in a snow storm, not just at the office, but at the house, too. more »»

Legislators taking a different approach

January 11, 2015 The 2015 session of the West Virginia Legislature is set to begin Wednesday. This will be the moment those elected in November officially take office. more »»

Are you able to hear the silence?

January 11, 2015 You and I live in a very noisy world filled with unending distractions — a world where silence is in short supply. more »»

Go outside and ski in West Virginia

January 11, 2015 West Virginia is blessed to enjoy four beautiful seasons, each with its own set of exciting recreational opportunities. more »»

Happy to return to a comfort zone reality

January 11, 2015 I was actually OK with Jan. 5 rolling around, a Monday that brought me back to a comfort zone reality — the newsroom workplace. more »»

A surprise honor for a local veteran

January 11, 2015 A common thread is woven between the group of former military men who meet each month to enjoy a cup of coffee and lots of companionship and understanding. more »»

Family adventures with gingerbread

January 10, 2015 The Heathenish really wanted to build a gingerbread house. He had missed a good bit of our holiday baking, because of sports and Scouts. I didn't want him to miss out, so I bought a kit. more »»

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