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Trump is not the leader we need

April 10, 2016 To the Editor, Wow! Where are we going? What are we becoming? The examples shown our youngsters are unacceptable. TV news, advertisements and even movies rated A-OK have a lot to be desired. more »»

School board members should be in touch with students’ needs

April 10, 2016 To the Editor, I read on Sunday, April 3, a staff report listing what Jerry Durante considers his qualifications to be re-elected to the Hancock County School Board. more »»

A.I.M. thanks all who helped

April 10, 2016 To the Editor, On March 15, the A.I.M. Women's Center held its annual fundraising banquet at the Serbian-American Cultural Center. more »»

Troop deployment isn’t the answer

April 10, 2016 To the Editor, Troops on the ground. Sorry folks, 30,000 troops on the ground will result in thousands of more casualties and will not eradicate terrorism. One person can frighten a nation. more »»

Editor's note: Election Letters

April 3, 2016 (Editor’s note: The final date for letters to the editor concerning West Virginia’s May 10 primary election will be May . more »»

Don’t vote in anger

April 3, 2016 To the Editor, If you've been watching the race for president and you still haven't gotten ill, give it time. It will come. more »»

Student looks to learn about West Virginia

April 3, 2016 To the Editor, Hello! I am a fourth-grade student in North Carolina. more »»

Moose lodge's gesture applauded

April 3, 2016 To the Editor, Just a note to express my gratitude to the officers of Weirton Moose Lodge No. 688 for purchasing body armor protection for the Weirton Police K-9 dogs. more »»

Legislature's actions will help West Virginia

April 3, 2016 To the Editor, "Stand up for Steel." These are words that still resonate to me from the late nineties, when thousands of hard working steelworkers traveled to Washington, D.C. more »»

TV writers missed an opportunity

April 3, 2016 To the Editor, I love "Modern Family. more »»

Then, as now, follow the money

March 27, 2016 To the Editor, "A Story of Anti-Christ," written by Vladimir Soloviev, a Russian mystic, was published in 1900 on Easter. more »»

Support for church appreciated

March 27, 2016 To the Editor, On behalf of All Saints Greek Orthodox Church Philoptochos Society, I would like to thank our entire Weirton area community for their continuous support of our annual Greek Easter... more »»

If I was president

March 27, 2016 To the Editor, How about the upcoming battle for the White House? Is anyone surprised? The Democrats are acting like no big deal, whereas the Republicans are scared to death. more »»

Saints and sinners

March 20, 2016 To the Editor, Sunday sermon: Saints and sinners. Mother Teresa to be made a saint. Mother Teresa caring for the sick and homeless in India for decades, never asking you gay, lesbian, rich or poor. more »»

Where is the concern?

March 13, 2016 To the Editor, The Weirton Woman's Club, of which I'm a member, sponsored an important program for the public at the Mary H. Weir Library on March 5, with refreshments. We also advertised. more »»

Resident questions city budget measures

March 13, 2016 To the Editor, When I read the city proposed a $20 million budget for next year, I wrote a hellfire-and-brimstone letter, because we are going from a $15. more »»

Nation needs to do what is right

March 6, 2016 To the Editor, The great Obama continues to amaze me with his arrogance. Why could he not get out to attend the funeral service for Justice Scalia? Maybe he was practicing his golf swing. more »»

Covering many topics

March 6, 2016 To the Editor, The Constitution: Keep church and state separate, This should be a self-imposed directive for all reputable news outlets, keeping one's opinion of religion separate. more »»

Get a taste of the world

February 28, 2016 To the Editor, Has spring sprung? Not yet! But it is time to put away the snowman and make plans to attend the spring's main even. more »»

Republicans must stick together

February 28, 2016 To the Editor, The May 10 West Virginia primary election is fast approaching. more »»

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