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Smoking ban in Hancock County draws opposition

March 27, 2014

NEW CUMBERLAND — A proposed ban on smoking in public places in Hancock County is generating some heat from opponents who worry about everything from economic harm to restrictions on personal libert....

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Mar-30-14 10:46 AM

We smokers have been banned enough. It is like living in Russia. We have rights too! Not many but we freeze to be able to smoke. It's not smoking that makes us sick, its where we have to go to enjoy the small things in life. Enough already. Stay on your side of life.

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Mar-29-14 12:26 PM

Wow, a private business owner who worked grad, spent their own money and effort should have the right to decide what he allows in his business while smoking is LEGAL. YOU WHINY ANTISMOKING SOCIALIST have the free choice to not intentionally put themselves in environments they don't like, instead of having the government trample the rights of the business owner!!! Use your*****feet and go somewhere else. Get a grip folks and leave private business alone!!!

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Mar-27-14 2:51 PM

According to data from the Health Statistics Center about 23% of Hancock County adult residents why should the majority of us be harmed by their smoke? There is a lot of scientific evidence that secondhand smoke causes lung cancer, heart disease, and breathing problems. Smoke-free laws protect employees and patrons from that harm and it makes good business sense. Most of us don't smoke! I encourage the BOH to protect the health of the majority and go for the 100% smoke-free workplaces.

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Mar-27-14 2:12 PM

and their rights to litter and destroy the earth, that's a smokers right too?

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Mar-27-14 2:10 PM

the only business the places have are smokers. The vast majority of the population is denied access to participate. Their revenue will continue to decline in this economy until they go smoke free. Look around the state the smart fraternal clubs are going smoke free and now all their members can come out instead of just a handful of smoking bar flys. Younger generations of members won't join until the smoke is gone and is family safe.

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Mar-27-14 1:34 PM

Freedom to do what you want even if it is going to kill people around you? What kind of freedom is that? What in the US Constitution gives anyone the right to kill people around them? Should people just be allowed to fire a gun in a business just because the owner allows it? After all owning, carrying, and firing a gun is part of your Second Amendment rights. Why is firing a gun in public illegal but smoking is not just because it takes longer to kill an innocent bystander?

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Mar-27-14 1:31 PM

I see a lot of statements made by people who claim that it will hurt business. Do any of them have evidence that a smoking ban will harm their business? I bet they do not, but you can find PLENTY of information on how business was boosted by enacting a smoking ban. Sure people from Ohio started coming to Hancock County when a smoking ban was enacted in PA and OH, but where are they going to run now? Are people going to give up drinking and gambling just because they cannot smoke while they do it? Watch and see. People that can't smoke while they gamble or drink still go to these establishments and smoke outside. It became an accepted way of life in the rest of America, therefore it's time Hancock County caught up to the rest of America.

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Mar-27-14 11:06 AM

Wake up people! Your rights are being trampled. I say, you don't like smoke...don't go there. I don't smoke, so why should I step on another's toes? The Democrats in this state haven't done much of anything for us. They're following the left wing president and will do anything that pleases him. Pray for America. Jules Verne

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Mar-27-14 10:56 AM

Get that leftist career politician Greathouse nut out of office as soon as possible. Next he/they will be DICTATING to us what clothes we can wear at our own businesses, how many kids we can have, what we can eat, what foods restaurants can serve because some don't like FAT??? For those of you that don't like smoke, don't intentionally put yourselves into smoky environments - Geez - but don't trample others rights because of your arrogance.

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