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A mob has no conscious

September 13, 2009
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

Something good or bad should have to happen before there is a reaction. One fires a gun, then you have a recoil.

Without hearing a word of a pep talk back-to-school speech President Barack Obama was going to give to our school children, some parents said "no way" and some school boards and principals fell for the propaganda. The buffoons on cable TV and talk radio were objecting to - invoking name calling - before a speech was even written.

Some local adjustments:

Karaffa Middle School: Send a note if you don't want your child to participate. An area will be set up to view the Internet session, and designated areas will be in place for those who don't want to watch.

Indian Creek: Students who do not wish to view the address do not have to, adding they would "never force anyone to do anything they do not want to do."

Marshall County schools: Be sensitive to the desires of both students and their parents when showing Obama's speech in their classrooms.

What we have now is a Pandora's box of what children don't have to listen to when they are in school.

Sex education: Oh, no, you better have a special classroom that he or she can go to during that class.

Here's a dandy - evolution. You better have a special classroom he or she can go to during that class, and as long as the question is still being phrased, "do you believe in evolution," then I suggest you teach a class where the question is asked, "do you believe in creation or intelligent design?"

Don't think for a minute the parents who threatened to keep their children home and the TV cable and talk radio pundits will not sink to the same tactics when it comes to anything they want to object to that the school might be teaching.

Where do we go from here?

To all those who are advocating "roll your own," remember one thing - when mob rule gets out of control it has no conscience.

Steve Kopa


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