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Better answer please

January 14, 2011

As I was driving home from my day job Wednesday I was listening to sports talk radio. The show's hosts wanted to know who the listeners thought was going to win Saturday's game between the Steelers and the Ravens and what they believe will be the difference.

As you might predict, most of the callers predicted the Steelers to win. This was not unexpected, as the hometown fans generally do believe their team is going to win and I even tend toward thinking Pittsburgh will advance to the AFC title game.

The problem I have is so many of these "experts" believed what will put them over the top is "the Steelers want it more" and "because they are physical."


The Steelers want it more and are physical?

What you want anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot of your inane Yinzerville rantings to believe is the Steelers have developed a desire to win this game that the Ravens just don't possess?

That is profoundly astute, my friends. You have somehow gained insider access to both teams in such a capacity that you have been able to administer a scientific test that has allowed you to come to the conclusion the Ravens just don't want to win this game, and therefore the Super Bowl, as much as the Steelers and this will be the difference.

I, for one, am blown away by this information and wish I had been privy to it before I moved back from Las Vegas so I could have put some money on the Steelers winning it all before the season started since they want it more.

With the Big Ben suspension I would have received great odds.

Let me straighten this out for you. The only time you can be sure if someone wants something more is when there is one piece of pizza left and sports writer Brent Sobleski is one of the people in the room.

As for the Steelers being physical, I do not pretend to think they are not, but that team across the field from them isn't exactly known for being a finesse team.

I'm sure the Ravens are shaking in their boots at the thought of playing a "physical" football game. Guys like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata love to avoid contact and the rest of the team does tend to follow their lead.

If you believe that, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. It's in Bellaire.

Believing the Steelers love the game and put it all out on the field because they want to win is a reason to cheer for them. Loving their physical style of play is a reason to be a fan.

Believing Ben Roethlisberger's ability to make a big play in a big game is better than Joe Flacco's is a reason they may win. Believing the Steelers' defense is more likely to force a turnover due to their superior pass rush is a reason.

Next thing you are going to tell me is the Steelers will win this game because they work hard. Because, you know, nobody else left at this time of year works hard.

Now I understand Steeler fans are not the only fanbase guilty of this type of infraction and when I hear it once or twice I tend to let it roll off my back but I have heard it regarding this team an inordinate amount of times. It has become worse now that playoff season is here.

Here's another reason to avoid using when making your prediction for this Saturday's game.

We all know they have six rings.

Congratulations. Especially to those of you not alive to see the first four.

And for those of you old enough to witness it, I'd like to point out I have a high school state championship ring. Since most of you probably don't, my opinion is superior to yours.

While the six rings is impressive this will not defeat the Ravens.

While we're at it, responding with how many Super Bowls they have won is not an interchangeable argument regardless what topic is being discussed.

If I say the New York Giants are the best franchise of all-time you may respond with "six rings say say differently."

If I say the Steelers defense has little to no answer for Tom Brady and the Patriots offense you can't respond with "you're just jealous because we have we have six rings."

Well you can, but you will sound stupid and shame your entire family.

So please people, as football season slowly winds to its end, stop stating subjective qualities and how much jewelry your team's owner has as reasons the Steelers will win football games.

(Younce, a Steubenville resident, is a sports writer for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times and can be contacted at

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