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A new man in town

November 28, 2011
Weirton Daily Times

All reports lead to Urban Meyer being named the Ohio State football coach today.

That's no surprise.

What is surprising to me is how Buckeyes Athletic Director Gene Smith has kept his mouth shut during all of these reports.

He hasn't confirmed or denied them and I would think someone at some time had to ask him what is going on with current interim coach Luke Fickell.

I also cannot believe how the Ohio State family has thoroughly disrespected Fickell in the past month as more and more and more reports say the Urban Legend will soon be in scarlet and grey.

I am not sure if Fickell had any illusions of grandeur in being named permanent head coach at the end of this season - the worst in Ohio State history in terms of off-the-field trouble.

Fickell has led the Buckeyes through all of this without making any excuses for anything or anyone.

He has been up front and forthright when talking about this complete mess.

He was put in a no-win situation and now a new guy will come in, reports say, making the most money of any college football coach in history.

Reports say Fickell has already been asked to stay on staff as a defensive coach.


Fickell has been left hanging in the wind worse than a tattered flag. It's nice to see the Ohio State administration treat one of their own this way.

Really warms my heart.

And for all of this to hit the fan, so to speak, the week of the Michigan game really did Fickell and the players no favors.


Meyer will come in and clean house, as expected, keeping maybe Fickell and Mike Vrabel.

All others will be gone so he can bring in his guys.

The question will always remain of how long Meyer will stay the head coach.

If the reports are true and he is named the head coach, his health problems and "family" time issues will all have been solved in less than a year.

Yeah, I know, I'm a Buckeyes hater.

Really, I am not.

I didn't care if they won or lost Saturday. I just know that if Braxton Miller could hit one open wide receiver they would have kept their streak against Michigan alive.

But, he didn't and they didn't.

Of course, Buckeye fans are complaining that the play calling should have been that way since the day Miller was named starter and continually blame Fickell because Miller wasn't named starter from Day 1.

Does Fickell need to be better as a head coach?


I just hope he gets a chance to be interviewed at Akron and, if he chooses not to go back to the place that has stabbed him in the back more times than not in the last 30 days, I would expect him to land on his feet relatively soon somewhere else.

So, if reports say that Meyer has been offered and accepted the job and Meyer spent all week denying anything had happened, who is lying?

Because someone is.

"I am very happy with my role at ESPN. I have no plans to return to coaching at this time," Meyer said in a statement released by ESPN earlier this month.

And, the reports indicate the Meyer is the one who has been lying.

But, we shouldn't be surprised.

It's how the coaching carousel works.

Nick Saban wasn't leaving the Miami Dolphins for Alabama, Lane Kiffin loved Tennessee before USC opened up and Bobby Petrino was going to be the head coach for the Atlanta Falcons for a long time until Houston Nutt left Arkansas.

I have been a San Diego Chargers fan since 1965 with John Hadl, Paul Lowe and Lance Alworth.

I am far from the fanatic. I don't live and die with a win or a loss.

I still would like Norv Turner gone as the head coach, but that won't happen any time soon because he is general manager A.J. Smith's "guy."

I openly rooted for Denver Sunday as it beat the Chargers in overtime, handing the hosts their sixth loss in a row and another year away from the playoffs.

I am a Tim Tebow fan.

Always have been and always will.

He is far from perfect as a man or an NFL quarterback. But, he is fun to watch. He wins.

Yes, it is ugly at times, but he wins.

He's not fundamentally sound and has a lot of work to do, but he is a leader of men and those men in Denver uniforms are playing hard for him.

What really makes people mad about Tebow is his continual openness about his faith in God.

People, get used to it.

It's not that he believes in God. Satan believes in God.

It's not about whether you "believe in God." It is about whether you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior (which I have and have no problem professing it).

Tebow is polarizing because he has no problem professing his faith at all times. What he does is not an "act."

It is him and he is thankful to Him every day in public for what He has given him. Tebow wins and Tebow loses and he thanks God in each and every occasion.

Tebow is a role model for young men and young women to follow, in addition to us adults. He doesn't get rattled and his demeanor is something we should want our children to follow.

Anybody see what Buffalo wide receiver Steve Johnson did Sunday to hurt his team? Is there any chance you would see Tebow do something along those lines to hurt his team?

We all have God-given talents.

What are we doing with those God-given talents?

It's obvious to anyone watching what Tim Tebow is doing with his God-given talents.

(Mathison, a Weirton resident, is the sports editor of the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times and can be contacted at

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