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Jefferson County oil and gas leases

February 19, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

Recent oil and gas leases filed in Jefferson County include:

Washoe Co. to Hess Ohio Resources, 280.331 acres, Smithfield Township.

Sierra Pacific Corp. to Hess Ohio Resources, 280.331 acres, Smithfield Township.

Bedway Land & Minerals Co. to XTO Energy Inc., 80.418 acres, Smithfield Township.

P.D. Baker heirs to Sun O&G Exploration, 409 acres, Ross Township.

George S. and Barbara J. Cook to Chesapeake Exploration, 67.8355 acres, Smithfield Township.

Calvin A. and Tyra L. Pethtel Jr. to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.478 acres, Salem Township.

George S. and Barbara J. Cook Jr. to Chesapeake Exploration, 120.506 acres, Smithfield and Wells townships.

Amanda Deusenberry to Pleasant View Management Ohio, 4.9 acres, Smithfield Township.

David G. and Terri L. Dennis to Hess Oio Developement, 3.3484 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

David E. and Nikki J. Richardson to Hess Oio Developement, 2.34 acres, Smithfield Township.

Vivian M. Reynard to Hess Oio Developement, 3.54 acres, Smithfield Township.

Carole Benzel to Hess Oio Developement, 18.4591 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Robert A. and Stephanie A. Vance to Hess Oio Developement, 11.3980 acres and 18.4591 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Jacob E. and Jennifer R. Omaits to Hess Oio Developement, 0.493 acre, Smithfield Township.

John K. and Rebecca J. Wojchowski to Hess Oio Developement, 0.244 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Gary A. and Brenda L. Kish to Hess Oio Developement, 1.002 acres, Smithfield Township.

Dorothy Kaminski to Hess Oio Developement, 1.01 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Joseph A. and Tina M. Sokolowski to Hess Oio Developement, 0.258 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Michael A. and Donna J. Todoroff, 0.388 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

John L. Yost Jr. to Hess Oio Developement, 0.918 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Brian R. Chilidonia to Hess Oio Developement, 12.389 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Charles A. Banannio to Hess Oio Developement, 0.288 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Mary R. Glover to Hess Oio Developement, 1.7187 acres, Wayne Township.

Orlando F. Vallera to Hess Oio Developement, 0.35 acre, Wayne Township.

John F. Clark, trustee, to Hess Oio Developement, 2.67 acres, Wayne Township.

Charles and Shirley Ann Kokiko Jr. to Hess Oio Developement, 3.7623 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Francis Strahler to Chesapeake Exploration, 61.36 acres, Brush Creek Township.

Jason A. and Stephanie L. Rivers to Chesapeake Exploration, 8.869 acres, Wayne Township.

Shirley A. Tipton to Chesapeake Exploration, 0.74 acre, 0.8350 acre, 0.911 acre and 0.9270 acre, Wells Township.

Lori A. Potkrajac to Chesapeake Exploration, 12 acres, Knox Township.

Baker-Hess LLC to Chesapeake Exploration, 15.6340 acres, Wells Township.

Daniel L. Campbell to Chesapeake Exploration, 36.15 acres, Island Creek Township.

William C. and Diane C. Hinkle to Chesapeake Exploration, 10.50 acres, Island Creek Township.

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