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I still do not get it

March 12, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

I never have and never will understand adults not investing in the future of our kids.

The last thing we need to do is make life more difficult for them.

Shoot, it's far more difficult to be a kid now than when we were riding bikes, eating dirt and scraping our knees and elbows.

Another round of levies failed last Tuesday, hitting close to home at Indian Creek, Edison and the JVS.

I'm not going to talk about the kids not getting new biology and chemistry labs, computer labs, climate-controlled buildings or new band and music rooms (but, I think I just did), or the fact that the child born in two years will be in a high school building some 80 years old when they are 15 instead of a 13-year-old building, I will talk quickly about how it very well may change the landscape of high school sports.

Edison is going to cut all freshman sports and high school busing and institute pay-to-play.

So, what happens to the 15-year-old who has been bused to school since the first-grade?

How does this child now get to school?

One way is to transfer to Toronto, where the student-athlete will be bused to school.

What about the families who cannot afford pay-to-play?

What happens to the 15-year-old who wants to play sports, but is not the star?

Do they make the team or get cut?

If they get cut, how do they continue in the athletic world?

Or, does that child, and others in the same boat, transfer to a school that has freshman sports?

What happens to that student who lives on the fringe of the Edison-Toronto line?

No busing and no new school on the horizon vs. busing and a new school opening in a year.

You do the math.

Those students who transfer out of the districts also means less ADA (average daily attendance) money that goes into the schools. That, again, means less operating money, which, again, will mean more cuts.

Do the class sizes jump from 26 kids to 35 kids, or from 31 kids to 40 kids?

I know the tanked levies are not all about sports, but it's a huge part of life in these parts, whether anyone likes it or not.

I've sure been wrong before and I sure know that I will be wrong again - just think I am pretty spot-on here.

Edison hasn't passed a levy, it seems, since Moses parted the Red Sea.

Adults must stop looking in the rear view mirror and begin looking through the windshield.

Indian Creek people need to quit harkening back to 1968 and Mingo Junction people need to get over the consolidation.

Our future is our future because of our kids.

Dear voters, the long-term benefits to passing a levy, you ask?

Our kids.

These levies are not for the Class of 2013. They are for the Class of 2023, Class of 2033 and Class of 2043.

Oh, and when these cuts happen, those of you who voted no have zero right to complain.

Two members of the Judge Memorial High School girls basketball team (in Salt Lake City) were caught drinking while traveling for a tournament early this month. Those two were immediately sent home after they were caught.

But, it didn't stop there.

When administration, including coaches, learned that 12 members of the team were aware that the two had alcohol on the trip, they slapped the dozen with violating the school's code of conduct, which all players had signed.

So, per the code of conduct, those dozen were also suspended two games for not turning in their teammates.

"A couple of girls made a mistake," Judge Athletic Director Dan Quinn told KTVX-TV's Amy Donaldson. "And other kids either found out, knew about it or watched it happen and they didn't do anything, so they're being held accountable as well. These are high school kids and we need to take the opportunity to teach, even the good kids, even the kids who wouldn't think of drinking, about peer pressure.

"There are some very mad parents. But the rest of the girls are just being held to the Judge Memorial code of conduct. Quite frankly, the school has an opportunity to make it a learning experience for everyone."

West Virginia coach Bob Huggins pulled a miracle, although he had nothing to do with it. His No. 10 Mountaineers face No. 7 Gonzaga in the first round of the East Regional - in Pittsburgh.

Gonzaga is heading east by three time zones and WVU gets a 75 mile bus ride.

Completely not fair.

Top eight seeds in NCAA Tournament are solid for a change.

On the top lines are Kentucky, North Carolina, Syracuse and Michigan State and second are Kansas, Duke, Missouri and Ohio State.

Of the 5-12 match-ups in tournament - Wichita State over VCU; Long Beach state over New Mexico; Vandy over Harvard and play-in team beats Temple.

My Final Four teams are Kansas, Missouri, Syracuse and and the eventual national champion Kentucky Wildcats.

Although, I believe Kentucky has, by far, the hardest road to the title. I think Kansas has the easiest.

Since they won't do it in the regular season, let's see the NIT committee make all the big schools travel to the small schools for a change.

I still say the final eight at-large teams should be in the play-in games and winners get the No. 9 seeds.

So what does the Denver Broncos do with Tim Tebow if they sign Peyton Manning.

I say keep him and let him learn from the best for the next three years and dump Brady Quinn because he will never be your franchise quarterback.

Tebow is a fan-favorite, obviously, but has a lot to learn and why not have him learn from the best.

Manning is the tune that will keep the crowd from rushing the stage if Tebow is replaced as the starter.

Reports say that Denver will try to trade Tebow to Jacksonville if Manning is signed. That's another way to make the home crowd not very happy.

But, it also gives John Elway and John Fox an avenue to get Tebow out of town, out of their hair and give them less headaches.

Jacksonville is a good fit because the new owner wants hind-ends in the seats and Blaine Gabbert is not going to fill that role.

If all of this happens and Tebow heads to Florida, expect that kind of running game offense to work because of Maurice Jones-Drew and Tebow.

The Denver fans will be able to handle that as long as Manning stays upright with his helmet fastened.

Aaron Smith took out an ad in a newspaper to thank the Pittsburgh organization, the fans and pretty much anyone associated with the Steelers.

Did Hines Ward do that?

(Mathison, a Weirton resident, is the sports editor of the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times and can be contacted at

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