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From the Pulpit: Remember your personal exodus

March 25, 2012
By BISHOP J.D. WALL - Tri-State Church of God , Weirton Daily Times

The second book of the Bible is properly named Exodus. It is a description of the Jewish people's journey from Egypt to Canaan Land. It tells the miraculous story of the Israeli plight from a place of bondage to a place of freedom. Among its pages, a murderous, stuttering shepherd is given a second shot of redemption through being proclaimed a deliverer. Three million people cross the red sea on dry ground, receive water from a rock, receive a break from sunshine by a cloud, receive warmth at night through fire in the sky, and receive a meal from the sky that they can't even describe and simply call it "what is it". The same Jews, who only knew poverty and slavery, walk out of Egypt with unprecedented wealth and a promise of houses they didn't build and inheriting a city whose maker was God. It is during the Resurrection season, that I am reminded of my personal Exodus. You see Egypt is symbolic of Hell and Canaan Land is symbolic of Heaven. Much like the Jews I was caught in Egypt, too! Sin had me in bondage and I was its slave and in need of a deliverer. In fact, all of us can identify with the Jews in this regard and it's most likely that since we have began this journey that we have parallels with the other components of this story. You too can relate to miraculous power of God in your own life. Maybe you were healed, set free, or experienced restoration of family just like Moses did. Also, if you are born again you know all about the promise of inheriting a city whose maker is God and acquiring a house that you didn't build. In fact John 14 makes this promise to all believers:

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