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Dillonvale council talks roadways

April 25, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

DILLONVALE - Action concerning a permit application for work related to roadways or haul routes for future Chesapeake well sites was taken at a special meeting of Village Council.

The permit application was received from CTL Engineering for a geotechnical test boring for Hill Street pavement evaluations within the village. The work is only associated with roadways or haul routes for the future Chesapeake well sites.

After discussion, council OK'd a motion to grant permission to CTL Engineering Inc. to do three test borings on Hill Street with certain specifications as to size and with time restrictions that work be from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. only. Also, in the motion, officials asked for test results of the borings and for the testing to be coordinated with the water and sewer departments to protect lines.

Council also approved a motion authorizing Mayor Michele Dulesky and/or Clerk-Treasurer Danene Hutkay to coordinate with Jefferson County Engineer Jim Branagan on the project and to make sure all conditions, restrictions and regulations are in compliance.

Also, test borings are to be spaced approximately 0.25 miles apart along Hill Street, and the locations will be marked with white paint in the roadway and wooden stakes with flags along the roadway shoulder.

Work would require 30 days, and the opening in the pavement would be 1-by-1-foot wide and 5-feet deep. The pavement would be replaced by asphalt cold patch. This project is for testing the roadway only, it was noted.

Before taking action, council discussed concerns related to traffic and time travel of buses and commuters going to work, and it also was noted there is a sewer line directly under the first marker.

During council's regular meeting, a 3-D geophysical survey on village-owned lands and an oil gas lease with Hess Ohio Developments were approved.

According to the 3-D geophysical survey, permission was given to Global Geophysical Services to conduct the survey, as requested, on village-owned property. The village will receive $366.45 for this service.

The village received the paid-up oil and gas lease from Hess Ohio Developments LLC, and it was reviewed by Solicitor Christopher Gagin, who said it was a standard lease agreement. Dulesky signed the lease with council's approval.

It covers 53.6864 acres of village property, and the village will receive $5,200 a month per acre with 18.75 percent royalties for gas, oil and other hydrocarbons marketed during any calendar month. The lease is for five years with an option to extend the primary term of the lease for an additional term of five years from the expiration date.

Some residents had expressed a desire to have a community yard sale. Council selected June 1-2, starting at 8 a.m. for the yard sale, and anyone interested can schedule a yard sale on that date.

Village officials also discussed the annual tire collection and cleanup, which has been scheduled May 23-24.

No household garbage will be accepted, and items not accepted include food waste, leaves, trees or grass cuttings or construction/demolition debris.

Also, no paints, liquid or hazardous waste materials will be accepted.

Dillonvale residents interested in having items picked up are to call the city building at (740) 769-2570.

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