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Lunches with Love has moved

May 6, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

I find myself writing to the editor again, most likely for the last time.

As most of you know, Lunches with Love has relocated. The move has been bittersweet. The love of our clients, our supporters and those who believed in us and what we do will always be there. As soon as we can be re-established, we will continue to serve the clients and keep in touch with those we could not have done it without during the 12 years we were there. We will always love you, care about you and keep you in our hearts and prayers.

We got to the point that we could not operate as we were because the need of supplying the meals to our friends grew beyond what we could supply. We hung in there as long as we could - probably too long, being we were supported by donations, fundraisers and, of course, our wonderful volunteers. We just couldn't make enough to supply the need. The volunteers worked very hard, much beyond what most people would or could do. Attendance began to drop at the fundraisers, and that is what paid the utilities and the bills.

We all gave more than labor to make it as long as we did, because we grew to love those we fed with all our hearts and knew the importance of what we were doing. You became family. Each client becomes a very personal friend.

After consulting with our main supporters, friends and professionals, we decided not to just give up, but to become what we are trying to do now. It does take time to do what we are doing and become what is legally, morally and right, without neglecting our clients. We had to move to where we could possibly do that. We tried to find a place in Smithfield where we could support ourselves with the talents God has given us. There just wasn't any place in Smithfield or enough support. We hung in as long as we could, which was too long.

It was not feasible to bring in enough money to carry on with the Lunches with Love Outreach Food Program. Moving was an option. In order to save the program, we moved. Do we miss Smithfield? Most definitely, we do. All our loyal supporters - you know who you are - our dear friends and clients, and those who regularly stopped in, the laughter and friendship with all of you will be missed.

We all did our best to do what we did. We learned and we loved, we cried and we were complimented. As the Rev. Jim Monogioudis of the Rush Run Community Chapel said to me, "Sometimes God lets bad things happen so good things can happen." It did, and we honor and give all the glory to God for doing that. God is good.

We will deliver to our clients real soon. Thanks for your patience. You will be contacted.

We love you, and God bless.

Pat Taylor


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