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Liberals still get a pass

July 22, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

With the narrow upholding of Obamacare, the messiah can now claim to have healed the sick and the lame. The deaf and blind remain unaffected, however, and will clearly continue thusly.

At this writing, we're still hearing about Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, the only blond, blue-eyed Cherokee ever hired at Harvard. Or likely, anywhere.

After initially relating that she claimed American Indian ancestry in order to "meet people like me," she now, after the hubbub, claims she "misunderstood the question" on her application.

She has even stated that her parents "had to elope" because her father's family disapproved of her mother's "Native-American heritage".

The sad part, is how she's gotten away with it, for so long.

Whiter-than-sour-cream Warren put "American Indian" on her application, and no one said anything.


Have we gotten so PC, that we won't even chance calling out an obvious liar?

But then, that's not the issue, here; media bias is the issue.

If she'd been a Republican, her hyper-stretched claim of Cherokee ancestry (1/32, at best) would have been roundly, and rightly, dismissed.

She'd have been belittled, laughed at and humiliated in the media, whatever skeletons in her closet dragged out, exposed and exaggerated. The media wolves long ago having moved on, leaving her Senate campaign in ruins.

If she'd been a Republican.

However, Warren's a liberal Democrat so, like Barack Obama, she gets a pass, regardless how ridiculous or outrageous the assertion, or how egregious the offense.

Therefore, it's up to the conservative media to address her pathetically obvious attempt at obtaining racial preference. Typically, conservatives are vilified and declared nothing more than haters, for correctly questioning her ludicrous contentions.

Moving on:

Someone recently asked me why the Obama birth certificate issue is, well, still an issue.

Easy - if Obama was proven to be foreign-born, his entire presidency, including everything he's signed, everything he's "accomplished," would be declared illegitimate and undone.

His Kenyan stepgrandmother is on record, saying she witnessed his birth, in the delivery room, in Kenya. In 1991, his publisher issued a biography, stating that he was born in Kenya. Even the Kenyan government says he's from Kenya. You can see the reason for the questions; there was no media vetting.

But no -Obama says he was born in Hawaii, and that's all the Obama zombies need to know.

Speaking of the "birther" issue, a personal note: like Obama, I fairly recently located my birth certificate. Unlike Obama, however, mine is authentic.

Some time ago, I was challenged to produce my actual birth certificate, and was even offered lunch if I did, opining that absolutely no one has their original copy.

Well, I was going through some boxes a few weeks back, lo and behold - also in the crinkled, yellow envelope were my cute little hand-and-foot-prints.

I'd be more than happy to take my challenger up on that lunch, and show you what a real birth certificate from the 1960s looks like.

It doesn't look anything like Obama's.

Rob Denham


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