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From the Pulpit: God's spirit or a spirit of rebellion

July 22, 2012
By THE REV. CRAIG M. GREATHOUSE - Family of God Christian Center , Weirton Daily Times

There's a difference between being led by God's Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and the spirit of rebellion against anything that even resembles or sounds like God in this world. There are basically two spirits at work in this world. God's Spirit, called, "The Holy Spirit," and a spirit of rebellion, which manifests itself in many forms of destructive behavior. The bible says seven times in the book of Revelation, "he who has ears to hear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." The fact is, God is always speaking, trying to reveal His word and his plan for the salvation and deliverance of mankind. There are over 737,000 words in the bible in which God is trying to reveal His will for us. The problem is we have a sinful nature passed down to us from Adam and Eve and our parents. The bible says, "the iniquities of the fathers will be visited to the third and fourth generations. There are two kinds of sins spoken of in the bible. A transgression, which is a willful sin; and an iniquity, which is a learned sin. When you see certain sins, or addictions, or problems in certain families that seem to plague them for generations, that's usually an iniquity. Abraham told a lie, then Isaac his son told a lie, and then Jacob became a full blown deceiver, until he had an encounter with God that broke that spirit of lying, when he wrestled with God all night at a place called Peniel.

What does that have to do with me? Look around you! The world is in chaos. It's falling apart! Why? Why are so many people's lives in shambles? Why are so many people addicted to drugs or alcohol or sex or gambling or pornography? Why? Because we have either never been taught about God, or taken to church, or read the bible. It's because we have tried to do it our own way. We have run from relationship to relationship, from divorce to divorce, from marriage to marriage, trying to find someone to make us feel good about ourselves or to bring us pleasure. Or, to medicate ourselves from the pain in our lives, whether brought on by us or others.

What we really need is, God! John 3:16, says, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." 2 Corinthians 5:17, from the bible says, "Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. Old things are gone, behold all things have become new." That Greek word for new, means, unused, unworn, fresh, new, uncommon, unheard of, unprecedented. There was and still is a "Great Exchange," my emphasis, at the cross of Jesus Christ. Jesus took our sins, and gave us his righteousness, (a right standing with God). Jesus took our death and gave us eternal life; Jesus took our spiritual poverty and gave us the riches of heaven, and Jesus took our sicknesses and diseases and gives us health and healing. And he doesn't think he got the raw end of the deal.

I have a picture of what I think happens when we ask Jesus Christ to come into our lives, and we become children of God. In my mind, and this is my opinion, that something like this happens. God brings us into his presence and stands us before Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and He says to the Holy Spirit: I want you to make them, and he points to us, look like Him, and He points to Jesus. I was watching the T.V program, The Biggest Losers when I got this picture. Just like the biggest losers, our lives are out of control, not just with obesity, but addictions, divorce, sickness, pain, pride, greed, lust and many more, and we can't manage them, and we come to God, and he gives us a counselor, the Holy Spirit to help us throw off the weight of these problems and sins, with one difference, God gives us a new heart and a new beginning. The sooner we cooperate and the more we cooperate with the Holy Spirit, the sooner we become like Jesus, and start living the best life possible, with God's help. Read the first four books of the New Testament and find a bible believing Church and cry out to God. Get rid of that spirit of rebellion; it's not working for you anyway, and God will meet you where you are.

("From the Pulpit" is a weekly sermon provided by the clergy members of The Weirton Ministerial Association)

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