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It's not just a library

July 29, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

There is talk that the Brooke County Board of Education wants to take away Colliers Primary's library to make it a classroom for students with special needs, particularly with behavioral disorders. With there being a lot of low income families attending Colliers Primary, they don't have easy access to the Internet, therefore many students rely on the library for class assignments as well as checking out books to read at home for their enjoyment.

Colliers' library is also used as the art and music room because there aren't any extra classrooms at Colliers. The Colliers PTA sets up Santa's Workshop in the library for students to shop for gifts for their families. PTA also sets up the book fair in the library. Every student receives a book even if they can't afford to buy one. Each year we get lots of books for our library by having the book fair. We also have our students do their banking in our library one day a week to teach them how to save their money. There is nowhere else to set up these things because our gymnasium doubles as a cafeteria. In the winter, when it is too cold to go outside, the students go in the library to watch a movie during recess.

There are also safety issues that must be addressed. There is an incomplete fence around the school that allowed a student to run into the woods some time ago. There are also steps in our library that would have to be taken out. It is not that we don't want the special needs/behavioral disorder students at Colliers, it is we just do not have the room.

To take away our library, our All Purpose Room, would be taking away from the students at Colliers Primary! So please look at other primary schools in Brooke County that do have the room because we want to give our Colliers kids the best education possible!

Please keep our library/all-purpose room at Colliers Primary!

Phyllis Aria


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