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Smithfield’s woes are Smithfield’s

July 29, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

How sweet it must be to be a Jefferson County commissioner with the ability to give away other people's money. This is not taxpayers' money to pay the county's bills, this is the county water customers' money.

The commissioners efforts to take over the Smithfield water system will be paid for by the county water customers. Smithfield won't pay its water bill, so the county water customers do it. When Smithfield has a water line break that it can't fix, the county water maintenance crew does it. The county water customers pay for this, also. The equipment, wages and maybe the material are paid for by the county water customers.

Now, the commissioners want to excuse a $135,000 unpaid water bill. This is county water customers' money. Then they want to obligate the water customers to a million-dollar upgrade to a dilapidated system. The county has nothing in this transaction. The water customers get the shaft.

Remember this: Smithfield's problems were made in Smithfield by Smithfield. The Ohio State Auditor's Office will straighten out this Smithfield situation. In no way is this the responsibility of the county water customers.

Note: my future letters will tell readers why there is more than $35 million in the county water district's accounts; how to buy water for $5 per 1,000 gallons; why your sewer bill is so high; and how the water and sewer customers could run this county if they stood together.

William R. Kopras

Cross Creek Township

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