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NCAA goes way too far

July 29, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

The NCAA is overdoing it. Remember what both coaches and players did during the Ohio State tattoo-trading scandal? The punishment was nothing compared with what Penn State just got.

The NCAA wants $60 million in fines. They stripped coach Joe Paterno of all wins from 1998 through 2011, plus they are taking away 20 scholarships per year for four years (80 in all), and banning the kids from bowl games for four years. Plus, they added a five-year probation.

Stop - first, the NCAA is absolutely in the wrong telling kids all over the valley that you cannot attend Penn State and have a scholarship to pay for your schooling for all the hard work you did in high school. The NCAA is also in the wrong to punish the kids for something they had no idea was going on. The parents and players should file a class-action lawsuit in federal court against the NCAA.

Here's a question for the NCAA, and please answer to my face on national television - here it goes:

A child is born and is in the hospital's nursery shortly after birth. Later, it is reported that the child has been abducted from the nursery. Would you blame that defenseless child for being abducted? I'm sure the NCAA is very incompetent to answer that, but how about this:

The coach thinks all the players have left the fieldhouse, but, in fact, they were outside and a small group of players decides to work out on the weights and goes inside. They all hear a young boy crying and investigate. The players, in shock, see what the coach is doing. Do you think the players would have beaten the coach fatally or walked away laughing?

Don Carnahan


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