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Care needed with local fracking

August 5, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Drilling begins in Hancock. How safe is fracking for natural gas?

It's easy enough to explain. Next time you have a bottled Coke blow into the straw as hard as you can. Pump 6 million gallons of water into the ground and it has to go underground and come up somewhere.

For cover about 17 miles north on Route 2 from my home in Weirton sits a casino. I say cover because I refer to being at the office when my wife calls.

Being I make that trip every day twice a day this is just a warning. It's become a very dangerous drive.

Hire locally isn't working. The truck drivers aren't folks that just got their CDL license learning to drive over at Gateway Community College's parking lot driving 25 mph.

The fellows driving the tankers are professional to the point they have a lead pickup truck with a sign "wide load" which should read "Danger, tankers speeding" because the tankers aren't any wider than a large trailer truck.

With landmarks such as trees or driveways along the way, one can tell they're speeding. Clock them when you're a quarter mile away from an approaching tanker at 45 mph and he's three quarters of the way past your one-half way between your mental markers. He's going 60 mph with his so-called wide load.

They have made me a speedster when a straggler gets behind me I speed it up to get away from the big bad tanker.

Sheriff Mike White is right, "The biggest issue is traffic and public safety."

My question to law enforcement? In all the years I have been driving, which has been so long ago I can't remember my first kiss, I have never seen a tanker, huge trailer truck or garbage pulled over for speeding.

The drive from the Kings Creek Bridge to my office is a pristine, picturesque memory of wild West Virginia at its best.

The area around Cowl's Farm should be established as a wild bird preserve.

It's only been three months of tanker activity and the roads are already shredded and may I predict the coming rock slides from fracking along Route 2. Ballantyne Road to the New Cumberland city limits will be one lane for days. Just a prediction.

Just a warning. Drive defensively, watch out for falling rocks, worn roads and speeding tankers.

It's just my opinion on what's happening to Hancock County on my way to the office every day.

Earthquake anyone?

Steve Kopa


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