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Who's out of touch?

August 5, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Conservative writers have completely lost whatever is left of their tiny, little minds. Let the facts be damned. Full speed ahead.

Daryl Issa's partisan, little witchunt has been completely debunked by a "real investigation" by Fortune magazine, not exactly a liberal bastion.

Fortune's findings were that Holder's Justice Department did nothing wrong and that Arizona's weak gun sales laws had prosecutors telling law enforcement they would not prosecute straw gun buyers for that reason. Example: It is perfectly legal in Arizona to purchase 100 assault weapons, walk down the street, let's just say, half a block and sell those same weapons to someone else under no penalty by law.

Unsubstantiated "conspiracy theories" and lame-brain attempts at mind reading by Issa and the NRA and the American Legislative Exchange Council should be considered with all the gravity they engender. They are without weight and they are without ruth (ruthless). Who should shoulder the blame for these deaths? The aforementioned legislators, ALEC and the NRA for proporting these weak-minded, inane gun laws and conspiracy theories.

Fast and Furious was designed to force new gun laws on America, give me a break! These programs were initiated under the Bush administration. Anyone can make up all kinds of things that someone else is thinking and convince some easily manipulated person that they are fact. The fact is, that the president nor his Justice Department has never taken a single firearm from any law abiding citizen of this country.

Other conservative, tea drinkers claim that it is actually the president that is out of touch. They do so after their candidate says that if you are a student having trouble finding money for school, that you should ask your parents for it.

Ask your parents for money? Why didn't I think of that? Kids almost never think of that! Seriously, do I have to explain why this was one of the stupidest, most out of touch comments that anyone has ever heard? Just in case, I'll go ahead and do that. Because they didn't have it. Mitt didn't have this problem.

Still others claim the president is out of touch on green jobs initiatives because a record store worker would be considered a green job. When was the last time you were in a record store? That's right, he's out of touch. Hey Betty, call Veronica and tell her to meet us at National Record Mart, or even better, down at the Hub. I want to pick up some new 45s. Wear your poodle skirt and I'll get my penny loafers. I'd like to get some bell bottoms. I don't want to be out of touch.

Really, one year of tax returns, offshore accounts in over a half dozen notorious tax shelter countries, billions of dollars in contributions from Wall Street bankers.

Remember when we bailed out Wall Street bankers and they, in turn, gave bonuses to their executives? How did you like that?

Corporations and the wealthy are eating our breakfast and lunch while Romney is trying to get them invited to dinner.

Bob Atkinson


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