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Addressing a few topics

August 5, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

I had wanted to address the issue covered in the Daily Times article regarding the layoff of 29 union coal miners from the Powhatan No. 6 Mine and the claim by management that it was due to President Obama, the EPA and the United Mine Workers. Unfortunately, I am out of town putting together a memorial service for a dear friend so that argument against bogus "War on Coal" claims and distortions about EPA rulings and union mine workers will have to wait.

It will be interesting to discover how much money Murray Energy and its CEO earn or have donated to anti-Obama, anti-union politicians instead of paying their workers union wages, how many safety citations Murray Energy has received for its mine operations and just what the difference between union and non-union mines is in terms of wages, benefits and safety. Stay tuned.

I also don't have the time to respond to Rob Denham's latest screed except for his final celebratory claim. It appears he feels that I owe him a lunch because he found his "original" birth certificate. I am sorry to inform him that there will be no Happy Meal coming his way.

What he discovered was his souvenir birth announcement complete with his teeny tiny hand and footprints from the hospital where he was born. Was it also framed in blue because Denham was a boy?

Guess what, Rob. It is not a legal document. As I have stated countless times, your original birth certificate is housed in the Office of Records of the state where you were born. You may receive a copy of this which, when properly stamped and notarized, serves as a legitimate proof of identity.

So before you go challenging someone else's birth record, I suggest you read up on what constitutes a real one. Yours won't get you a passport or a voter ID let alone lunch with me.

Sharon Davis Green


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