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City logo needs to stay

August 5, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

I was very disappointed to read that Steubenville has chosen not to fight the issue regarding the city logo because "The issue could be costly." While I'm no legal expert and I understand legal battles can be quite expensive, I believe Steubenville needs to fight for its constitutional rights.

The argument that the city has a Christian orientation is certainly true. More accurately, the city has a spiritual and faith orientation that goes beyond just the Christian tradition. There are other rich Christian and non-Christian traditions in the city and the valley at large. To argue that the faith orientation of one Christian tradition makes non-Christians and non-believers outsiders is a huge leap. It clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding regarding the beliefs of spiritual and faith-minded people of the Ohio Valley, not to mention history and, probably, constitutional law.

When an organization or group of people are significant contributors to the social, economic and cultural vitality of the community, that's what is being depicted and signified. That cannot and must not be discriminated against. I believe the Wisconsin foundation violates its own creed and with great prejudice, I feel.

I choose to stand behind people who have pride to be a part of making Steubenville a strong community. I am asking the law director and the city to reconsider their decision. I am also sending a small initial contribution toward a sort of defense fund, if necessary. Steubenville needs to stand up for its rights.

The issue has stirred strong feelings for me. I have lived in the valley my entire life, with the exception of two years. I am deeply rooted in the area as are many, some for a lifetime, some for a short time. We are great people. Our area is still changing. We continue to emerge and believe in ourselves. We make mistakes and we do tremendous things. I do not believe the city logo violates anything. If some other entity feels it does, then it is welcome to pursue its recourse. In the meantime, we need to keep what we have and fight for our right to show it. The logo is a solid, representative logo. It needs to stay.

Michael Gromczewski


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