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We’re looking for unity

August 5, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

History shows that a nation divided cannot stand, and we are becoming more divided, to the extent we cannot seem to solve even small problems for the betterment of our nation.

There are so many issues that it is impossible to list them, and each one takes on a life of its own. Sooner or later, it becomes a hot-button issue that no politician wants to tackle, and thus we have gridlock.

There are many factions at work in this country, and one is little known and yet very powerful because it is backed by very wealthy interests and a very intellectual base. Some writers call it Randism - it is based on the philosophy of a woman, now deceased, by the name of Ayn Rand.

She was an avowed atheist and had a very strong following, even as high as Alan Greenspan, the former head of the federal bank, and more.

She, like her tea party members, were advocates of no government, no taxes and only the police, army and the courts. I do believe that the vast majority of tea party people do not realize that a lot of their philosophy has been derived from Rand's works.

They are working to capture the soul of our nation, and their philosophy of selfishness, which is one of the driving points of her ideas, is becoming more popular today in light of the constant attacks on Social Security, Medicare and other social programs, and they are gaining traction.

If you think that it cannot happen here, think again - just remember how Italy, Germany and Russia fell after much turmoil and divided thought. In a Democratic society, debate is necessary, but some resolution must be derived. Those people who are in Congress simply to block every item on the agenda are adding to the problem. They are not problem solvers and need to go.

This is the category in which I put most of those representatives sent to Congress with their hands tied and not allowed to negotiate and who sign pledges to vote against all proposals brought to the floor. This promotes gridlock and does not serve the best interests of our nation. This is the tea party philosophy - it is not good and it must go.

Guy Indovina


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