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Little Steelers treated unfairly

August 12, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

This past week, I found out something that left me appalled.

Apparently the Hancock County School Board will not allow the Weirton Steelers to be the first team to play on the new football stadium at Weir High. This decision cost the Weirton Steelers Organization anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 profit.

Weir High is charging the Steelers $2,000 to play four home games this season. The outcome of this decision gives the game and money to Steubenville since they will be hosting the "meet the team game."

As a taxpayer of this community, and a registered voter that voted yes for the school levy, why does it matter which team plays first on the new field especially when we are talking of a substancial amount of money involved? We are all in this community, we should all have that right.

Does our football program start at the middle school level? I should hope not, but it does. It should start at the bantam level getting feedback and involvement from the high school coaches on every level. This would establish a strong football base, just like communities like East Liverpool, for example. Their high school coaches send players down to their bantams, middle school, and so on.

The field in Chester was purchased by their fire department for their kids at $450,000.These communities are helping their children thrive and here we are throwing a $15,000 pass to Steubenville.

The football field downtown is for sale at $250,000 (low-bid). Ninety percent of the kids that play for the Weirton Steelers will play for Weir High or Weir Middle.

I would only hope that the Weirton Steeler fundraisers have the full support of this city so they can afford to play football.

Louis Spano


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