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Memories of the pool

August 12, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

My maiden name was Missy Haines. My family lived on Landview Drive, then Barone Drive in the 50s through 70s. Every time I think of my childhood, it's with memories of a wonderful place to grow up.

I and my husband (who is from Steubenville) have lived in Columbus, Ohio for more years now than we ever lived at home, but it is still considered home. No memory of home comes without remembering long summer days at the pool, getting up in the morning, having breakfast, then sitting out in our bathing suits with either a cover-up or towel and flip-flops, walking or bike-riding likely a mile or more to get to the pool (yes, up hill, both ways!). Hearing the rock & roll blaring over the loud speakers from blocks away, gingerly walking over the hot blacktop and gravel surrounding the building, to get to the entrance, going to the front desk to get our wire basket and going into the changing "room" to change if needed, taking off the elastic band with the "key" to put on our wrist and taking the basket back out to the desk.

Then we would make the trek back through the changing room, walking through the little pool of chlorinated water at the base of the stairs, go up the stairs and come out into the sunlight and the wonderful world of the pool in the sky. Up there, there was just people, water, and blue sky. I can still hear the sound of all the people talking, singing along to the music, laughing, squealing, even yelling, en masse.

We would take a break and go out back to swing on the giant swings or watch people play shuffle board, tennis, kids on the big see-saws, and stay cool in the shade. When finally dry, we would go back up to the pool!

I can still smell the soaked potato chips from handling them with our wet hands, getting pruney from being in the water so long. We would go home when we had to for dinner, then if we were allowed, go back till the pool closed.

There are other equally wonderful memories of growing up on Marland Heights, and in Weirton, but these memories of the pool always come to mind. There is enough uniqueness and history in this pool, or at least the building that houses it, to merit saving it from demolition.

Surely, with all that Weirton has lost over these years, banding together to do something positive in spite of its difficulty is worthwhile. Surely, for Weirton's future, it's worth holding onto something beautiful, unique, and historical for future generations to be as proud of it as we are!

Missy (Haines) Knox

Columbus, Ohio

formerly of Weirton

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